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John Woo, MD, AG

Accounting plays an important role in keeping a tab on the company’s overall performance. To achieve that, companies require specialized people who understand financial nuances better than the company’s management. AG Singapore, also known as Ackenting Group Singapore was formed in 2014 as a sole-proprietor by John Woo, offering audit services. With John’s excellent leadership skills, he managed to take the firm to the next level. The firm offers a ‘one-stop’ solution by giving a full range of accounting services along with auditing, taxation, corporate secretarial and business support services. Since its inception, the firm has grown to a 6 professionals senior management team with over 20 professional staff having served more than 1,000 clients. Its clientele includes MNC’s, government agencies, SMEs and listed companies.

One of the renowned accounting and auditing firms in Singapore, AG Singapore aims to impact business with value, care and passion. John says, “We believe if our clients know we genuinely care for them, our business will definitely grow.”

Addressing the Challenges in the Industry

The firm’s vision is to become the preferred and trusted partner in providing proficient accounting and taxation services and also render a complete business solution provider for small and medium-sized businesses. With the emerging complexities of business transactions and changing requirements of tax authorities, businesses find it hard to catch up with the tax compliance. Business owners often spend more time focusing on top-line and cash-flows issues and eventually forget the importance and urgency of tax planning and compliance. Thus, often leading to unnecessary leakage that might be avoided if the company had engaged a trusted tax agent. Recognizing these challenges faced by business owners, AG Singapore has specifically set up a team of tax specialists to cater to this growing demand of business owners. It offers customized and practical tax solutions to business owners at a competitive rate.

Strategies that Enable to Differ from the Competitors

Industry competition always requires the organization to constantly present new and better products and services to keep up with the changes in consumer demand. Offering unique and creative solutions has become more important than ever. AG Singapore has its way of standing out and emerge as a winner with its constant innovation and process improvements. The company is named Ackenting for a reason. It means the combination of innovation and accounting services. The firm actively integrates technology into the processes making it more cost-effective, efficient and people-oriented underlying the core value of its services to the clients.

AG Singapore has 3 senior tax partners accredited by local tax authorities, with many years of experience in top international accounting and taxation firms. At AG Singapore, with its experience and expertise, it is in a position to distinguish itself from other service providers by offering the following:

One-Stop Solution

With a deep knowledge of local taxes and best practices suitable with local regulations, clients can meet all their needs with the accounting and tax services with AG, which ultimately saves time, cost and hassle.

Personal Tax Consultant

At AG, every client is assigned a tax expert to analyze their business and explore any potential tax benefits. With a personal tax consultant, solutions can be tailored to meet the client’s needs including tax planning, financial accounting, and compliance matters.


AG’s tax team is led by qualified tax experts to help clients reduce tax legally in Singapore. It also helps in mitigating and resolving any issues efficiently with compliance.


Evading tax is a serious criminal offense. Reducing tax through proper planning is legal and AG is an expert in this area. It helps the clients to manage your reporting and filing obligations while supporting their compliance needs.

Satisfying Customers

According to John, customer satisfaction relies on gaining the trust of business owners and in the process of helping and guiding them. He firmly believes that growing together with the client’s businesses is always a win-win situation for both the client and the firm. AG Singapore has a strict 24-hour response policy. Intending to help business owners run their business peacefully, the firm keeps the communication tight and fast. 

“We also dedicate a personal handler for each client who will ensure all their inquiries are answered promptly. Also, all engagements are assigned to senior or managerial staff who can offer more assistance and solution, with quality and speed.”

The Road Ahead

Moving ahead, the prominent firm focuses on reaching an optimum size to achieve economies of scale. With its strengths and capacity, it believes that it can reach out to more business owners and offer their unique services to add value to their business.

John states, “We want, are, and will continue to grow, organically and strategically.”

The firm is always on the lookout for strategic partners and professional networks to increase its exposure and stand in the professional arena.

“This will help our clients in cross-border and cross-discipline matters, as a truly “one-stop” professional firm,” he concludes.


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