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KUALA LUMPUR, 4 NOVEMBER 2020 – Technology-first, co-farming company, Fefifo Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Fefifo) experienced a triumphant closing of its Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) campaign this week, achieving RM3,092,242 – a staggering 1,031 percent of its initial funding target. 53 investors participated in this fundraising campaign, of which 49 percent were non-Malaysians. With over RM600,000 raised from a single, foreign investor on Ata Plus’s platform – an equity crowdfunding (ECF) company registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Fefifo’s empowering support system for modern agriculture and sustainable food systems pave way for B40 smallholder farmers and young unemployed agri-graduates to partake in a novel business model that gives them an encouraging lift above the income pyramid. Not only can farmers now enjoy hassle-free, ready-to-farm spaces that are available at a fee and manageable from their fingertips, Fefifo’s proprietary ‘Digital Distributed Farms Network’ (DDFN) technology also awards capabilities and convenience of a completely digitalised ‘seed-to-sale’ process. Farming with Fefifo is ultimately now more inclusive, progressive and accessible.

Fefifo’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kelveen Soh is thrilled and pleased with the fundraising success achieved with Ata Plus, especially during difficult times with Covid-19 uncertainties. The ECF exercise has not only presented Fefifo access to investors, funds and like-minded partners within the food tech sphere; but also simultaneously amplified its brand and value proposition. “We are thankful to all our ECF investors who share Fefifo’s vision to make sustainable, profitable smallholder farming commonplace throughout South East Asia. Closing the ECF round above RM3 million proves that Fefifo empowering farmers and young agri-graduates to easily start digitalised farming in Co-farms, is essential to the future of sustainable food systems despite the current Covid19 challenges and nationwide lockdown,” said Kelveen. “This achievement means that we are now even more able to award access and advantage to all smallholders and aspiring farmers throughout the region,” Kelveen added.

Funds raised will be used to develop on-going operational facilities, build its DDFN technology, facilitate lowland preparation, maintain its greenhouse facilities, as well as improve on its crop system and ability to offer pre-harvest financial support. Pro-active at addressing and contributing to the nation’s key challenges regarding low-tech adoption and low-youth involvement, Fefifo’s ground-breaking approach to business and agriculture is also a clear boost for Malaysia’s National Agrofood Policy towards 2030. Its digitalised, standardised and supportive farming infrastructure productively attracts the younger groups to dare engage in modern farming models that promote opportunity, reliability and profitability.

“Fefifo has certainly given life to the term ‘agropreneurs,’” said Ata Plus’ Co-Founder and Director, Kyri Andreou. “This ’business-supporting-business’ empowerment is really what it’s all about. We are so proud and glad that Fefifo took to our ECF platform to fully maximise its potential as a valued business. It is just fantastic to see how companies leverage on ECF platforms to scale their business objectives, which in turn, produces greater possibilities and opportunities for their target markets at large,” Kyri added. “This is a great example of a compelling business tackling real-world problems, and then teaming up with the right people to generate a winning formula consisting of an excellent business plan, an attractive investment proposition, well-thought-out fundraising strategies and comprehensive solutions for content, marketing and promotional activities. This collective synergy is the true reason for Fefifo’s thriving ECF outcome,” Kyri said further.

About ATA Plus Sdn Bhd

ATA Plus Sdn Bhd is a blockchain enhanced Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) online platform, matching businesses seeking growth and funding with investors interested in building sustainable world-class companies. As a Registered Recognised Market Operator with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) since June 2015, ATA Plus actively seeks to leverage on technology tools to facilitate and promote transparency and good governance in investing and fundraising. The platform delivers extensive services from qualifying companies to list and marketing their ECF Campaigns; to educating investors on ways to evaluate their investment opportunities.

ATA Plus aims to:

  • Provide an efficient and innovative channel of fundraising to SMEs and start-up businesses
  • Offer a pool of quality, high potential and legitimate deal flow to the investor community
  • Operate a transparent and professional ECF platform that balances risk management and compliance through swift processes

Website: www.ata-plus.com

About Fefifo Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Fefifo (/fee-fai-fo/) is a technology-first, co-farming company, that focuses on empowering a new generation of progressive farmers in ASEAN by providing traditional smallholder farmers and young agriculture graduates with ready-to-farm spaces and technologies to kickstart a modern farming business.

Website: www.fefifo.co

For media inquiries, please contact:

Elain Lockman
Ata Plus Sdn Bhd
Email : elain@ata-plus.com
Mobile : +6012-209 5378

Kelveen Soh
Fefifo Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Email: veen@fefifo.co
Mobile : +6019-778 3292


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