Imagining the future with crypto


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Gavin Yeung

Founder, Koinbros

Fast forward 50 years from now, imagine the world with individuals freely interacting with other participants their money transactions, similar to the far prehistoric age of barter economy less double coincidence of wants; no third parties such as institutions or banks in need to verify any transactions; with advanced technologies enabling us to keep live updates for Internet of Things just with a simple ledger system; with different countries transacting over a decentralized economy, effectively eliminating the majority of cross-border costs around the world. Although that might sound like concepts only from futuristic storylines, that’s truly how I imagine the world will more or less likely be from now onwards.

It is crucial to layout a brief history of how cryptocurrency became one of the hottest assets worldwide, within a span of 10 years. Let’s first have a quick recap of how cryptocurrency was given birth: On 31 October 2008, the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto” published a whitepaper named “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System” out of thin air, and little did we expect how game-changing Bitcoin was going to be, except the man himself (or the group behind this mysterious pseudonym). This marks the birth of Bitcoin and respectively, cryptocurrency, and the rest is history. The whitepaper is so iconic in the modern day that, if you were to ask anyone in the cryptocurrency-related industry, they would undoubtedly hail it as the most important innovation of the 21 century. How combining merely an encryption and a distributed database system – the blockchain, produces the best-considered form of money, is still astonishing to all. We all believe in this idea or invention that it will be at least an important part of the world’s future model, and more importantly, we would wish to bring this to the mainstream.

Reading till this point, you might be thinking “Okay, this is starting to sound a bit too out of place.” As much as it sounds like a fantasy, really what we are doing exactly is to accelerate every individual to have easier access to the cryptocurrency market and to its potentially enormous future system. We specialize in over-the-countertrading services. Simply put, we help our clients and businesses in market-making by meeting liquidity needs at which we will do so in trading methods optimally. Our aim is to enhance the cryptocurrency’s market liquidity in the role of a market-maker. We aim to create price stability in all market conditions, balance misaligned order books; devise listing strategies to increase token visibility, and by leverage to increase trade and market volume. In our viewpoint, good market making lowers the cost of entry and exit for participants and reduces the amount of slippage for our clients. The more liquid the market is, the more participants will enter the market. With more market making and over-the-counter trading services in the economy, along with the increased stability, the mass adoption process will hopefully accelerate. As the market matures, we think expect cryptocurrencies to be much easier to use/buy/sell, which is one of the main obstacles to mass adoption.

The main medium of exchange has traditionally been money in paper forms. However, with the digital revolution we are going through, the economic landscape will transform drastically. Currently, it remains to be proved how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies taking the form of data can replace our monetary system. Yet, the trend of which consumers are relying more on online transactions to pay for goods and services is proving more popular due to the convenience of it. On top of that, many of us are already managing our own cryptocurrency wallets, again proving our same level trust in the security of virtual cash compared to real money. It will only continue to bridge the gaps between isolated countries with global merchants. We can only be very fortunate to have witnessed the rise of cryptocurrency in this digital age and how it is about to take over the global economy to greater heights. So, let’s dare to imagine.


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