Honor Watch: Smartwatch that tracks activities with accuracy


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A stylish smartwatch that evaluates workouts and tracks activities with great accuracy Honor has steadily emerged as a widely popular brand in India’s fiercely competitive smartphone market, especially in the mid-range segment. Some of its products, such as Honor 10, 7A, 7C and 9N, to name a few, are a good blend of speed and performance and thus have a strong recall among customers here. Of late, the company has been aggressively foraying into the fast-growing wearables segment and some of its fitness bands have had pretty decent market success. Recently, we had reviewed the Honor Band 4 Running, it’s time now to take a look at another promising device Honor Watch Magic, said to be the thinnest smartwatch and available on Amazon.in.

Honor Watch Magic is designed keeping in mind the frenetic lives of gadget-savvy youngsters (office-goers as well as college and school students) who aspire for a smarter and healthier lifestyle. Available in two colours Lava Black and Moonlight Silver and priced at `13,999 and `14,999 respectively, the device works as a professional fitness mentor whether it is mountaineering, swimming or any other physical activity; it also evaluates workouts and track activities with ease as it provides precise data. The 9.8mm smartwatch has dual-chipset low energy consumption system, 6-Axis Sensor for multiple sports mode tracking. Moreover, it is equipped with the TruSeen3.0 smarter heart-rate monitor and Trusleep 2.0 sleep quality smart tracking for daily activities. At first look, it is clear the Honor Watch Magic will find its appeal beyond the preserve of tech nerds and fitness freaks. It is an ultra-thin and stylish sport smartwatch, designed and crafted using 316L stainless steel that is both lightweight and comfortable. The smartwatch adopts a double crown design, while its 1.2-inch AMOLED colour screen (this has multiple watch faces with ALS ambient light monitoring that allows automatic screen brightness adjusting) is matched with a strap that has been passed through a strict skin allergy test to provide a safe and comfortable wearing experience. The strap can easily be changed to suit one’s lifestyle.

To get started, download and install the Huawei Health App to manage the watch. The entire sync procedure is simple and straightforward. Once done, you can easily view exercise and health data to better understand your physical condition and exercise status. Powered by a dual chipset, the Honor Watch Magic strikes a perfect balance between power consumption and watch performance and can give up to 7-day battery life for optimal experience. This Honor wearable is integrated with smart features such as scientific sleep monitoring, fitness monitoring, information assistance, heart rate monitoring, GPS functionalities, and more.

Some of the key features of Honor Watch Magic include continuous heart rate monitoring; it supports resting, single continuous heart rate and other measuring features. There is automatic sleep recognition and data statistics; it supports US-GPS, Russia-GLONASS, Europe-GALILEO satellite to provide accurate and precise location information. The Honor Watch Magic supports exercise statistics on various types of exercises, including outdoor and indoor run, outdoor walk, outdoor and indoor cycling, mountain climbing, pool swim stroke recognition, etc. Then, of course the Honor Watch Magic displays time, altitude compass, weather, stopwatch, flashlight alarm clock, power saving mode.

My takeaways: From displaying smartphone notifications, to monitoring your physical activity the Honor Watch Magic certainly does a lot more than just tell time. It performs well and has a thoughtful design going for it. Its light and modern design, scientific fitness guidance, and accurate health monitoring suit trendy and energetic young-at-heart people for everyday casual and light exercise wear. In short, buy it to impress your friends and colleagues.


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