CROMSOURCE Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary


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CROMSOURCE marks its twentieth anniversary of providing high quality clinical research services and exceptional customer support to our global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients.

For the last twenty years, CROMSOURCE has been a valued partner to hundreds of global clients, having provided services for more than 3000 clinical trials across a number of important areas. Much of the work which we have performed has led to the approval and marketing of life-changing and life-saving medical products across the globe.

“CROMSOURCE’s twentieth anniversary is an exciting milestone for our company! When I started this adventure, one goal was that CROMSOURCE would become an international provider serving customers all over the world. It is with great pride that today we can say that we have accomplished that ambition,” said Dr. Oriana Zerbini, founder and CEO of CROMSOURCE.

“Moreover, CROMSOURCE could only have achieved such success with the involvement of its employees and clients. We are proud of having the confidence of our clients and being a trusted partner for their product development programs. And, of course, our employees are the heart of our growth and success. Their diligence, motivation, passion, and unwavering dedication have all been a source of inspiration for reaching this important milestone,” continued Dr. Zerbini.

“Looking toward the future, we recognize the need to evolve as the world, and our industry, continues to experience rapid change. Thanks to our talented professionals and flexible approach to performing clinical research services, we are uniquely positioned to be the ideal partner for the most complex and challenging development programs. We also believe the best for CROMSOURCE and our clients and employees is yet to come based on our existing and growing pipeline of opportunities ranging from early phase through post-marketing studies across an important array of therapeutic areas, medical devices, and rare diseases,” said Dr. Troy McCall, Chief Operating Officer stated.


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