Healables: The Future is Wearable Technology that Heals


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In today’s world, people are too busy to take care of their health in a traditional way. They don’t have time to make an appointment with a doctor, undergo tests and wait for the diagnosis and be prescribed for treatments and medicines. Instead, they automatically reach for a pill. Unfortunately, most people in the world have been taught that the only way to fight back against pain is through medication, opioids, and prescribed drugs. The United States is struggling with its worst-ever drug crisis. In 2017, 72,000 people died from opioid misuse. This number has been rising by 10,000 each year since 2014. Many people on long-term opioid use become dysfunctional and depressed. A company called Healables took the initiative to create a novel and innovative IoMT wearable with technological advancements for accelerated healing and drug-free pain relief. 

How It All Began

In 2006, Moshe Lebowitz was the CEO of a SaaS software technology company when he developed a brain tumor. When the Western doctors told him that it was inoperable, he started learning more about health in general and even began researching Eastern Medicine.  After going through radiation treatment at UPMC, Lebowitz turned towards Chinese Medicine and was so fascinated by the individualized approach that he eventually trained in Chinese Medicine with the professor who treated him. He spent a decade learning and recovering. In the past, personalized medicine was looked down upon because it could not be evidence-based or clinically proven. Mr. Lebowitz says, “The convergence of AI and wearables enables for the first time a personalized, adaptive and optimized approach to medicine that is also evidence-based and can be proven with clinical trials.”

With that in mind, he sought co-founders with a background in finance, medicine, and engineering.  As an ultra-orthodox Jew, Mr. Lebowitz spent many hours studying the Torah and Hasidic Wisdom. His study partner, Melech Wosk had a degree in finance. Wosk’s father was going through knee replacement surgery and was on opioids for almost a year. So Lebowitz and Wosk decided to open Healables Digital Health together to provide a novel drug-free approach to pain relief.

Now, Moshe Lebowitz as CEO & co-founder and Melech Wosk as CFO, President and co-founder are successfully running the company together with a world-class team of medical doctors and electrical engineers coming from Harvard, Johns Hopkins and the US Army.

Being Patient-Centric in a Digitizing World

While medications are effective at reducing pain, people can become physically dependent on drugs, even while following the prescribed use. Overcoming opioid dependence and addiction is difficult. Healables designs drug-free wearables, products, and apps that accelerate healing.  The body heals more quickly, and as a result, experiences pain relief. 

Their wearable medical product line offers a new paradigm of health. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, the company has access to top talent in medicine, engineering, software, and e-textiles and most importantly Israeli style out-of-the-box thinking. Lebowitz says, ‘We view pain not as the enemy – but as a feedback indicator of what needs to be healed. Healables is all about wearables that heal.” 

Healables believes that the reason chronic illness and pain is a challenge for the medical establishment is that the needs of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit need to be addressed concurrently for deep transformational healing to occur. Wearables and Digital Health AI offers a patient-centric experience that can heal the patient’s body, mind, heart, and soul.

The Healables team is made up of spectacularly humble and talented people. It is blessed with a seasoned, dedicated multidisciplinary team. In addition to his financial background, MelechWosk is a gifted public speaker and delivers most of the company’s presentations to large audiences. He is also a personal trainer and really knows his way around the gym. Most of the employees of Healables have a connection in sports & athletics. 

Making Digital Health Fashionable

Healables believes that disruptive transformation needs to happen in our relationship with health and wearables are the missing piece in total health transformation.

Mr. Lebowitz says, “In our opinion, even with the best AI, providing people with information usually results in information overload.” He adds, “Even if the UI is excellent and the information is actionable, it’s not enough. Patients need more motivation and less information.” The Healables, Digital Health System and wearables are designed to focus on inspiring the patients who want to live better.

“Healables wearables and e-textiles are so stylish that people enjoy looking good and enjoy wearing them. Our garments make them feel like they are in stylish attire and not in a medical device or gown,” says Dr. Tzipi Celia Glick, Healables VP of Medical Apparel and Fashion.  

Beyond the looks, the Healables electroceutical device and digital health coaching offer personalized, optimized and adaptive treatment on-the-go, all day and all night long. The company’s digital health algorithms are purely based on the quintessential integrative health mind-body paradigm and rooted in the Divine Torah, Zohar, Arizal and Hasidic Writings. Likewise, recent literature on neuroplasticity and the relationship between physical movement, breath, mental and emotional development is also an important component. By energizing the cells in the body with personalized electrical currents, they motivate the mind to think positively and have healthy thoughts.

The Future Goals

Healables believes that the synergy from Digital Health, SaaS, AI, and wearables will eventually channel the money back into preventative and lifestyle care. While the Healables electroceutical is designed to reverse chronic illness, the truth is that paying to maintain health and quality of life is a lot better and cheaper than paying to correct illness and disease.

Every person alive in this world has a mission to accomplish during their lifetime. Healables aims to help people to heal so that we can all contribute to the advancement of humanity. Lately, Healables has tested their digital health and wearable technology for bursitis, shingles, slipped disc, knee sprains, and PTSD. The Healables medical team is also in the process of setting up clinical trials with major medical centers.

Prioritizing working out product/market fit for their sports and wellness product line, the company is currently seeking strategic partnerships throughout North America, Asia, and the UK.

Lebowitz says, “At Healables we envision a future where mind-body healing will be in fashion and where every human being on the planet will appreciate the Godly soul shining through and expressing itself in a healthy body in each and every one of us.”


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