Programmatic Advertising: Guide for Beginners


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Have you ever got the feeling that someone is trailing you on the web, watching your every click? Or do you wonder why suddenly you start seeing the ads and pop-ups of the videos or products just after you searched it on any of the websites? Well, your assumption is right – your behavior is being tracked such as which product you searched the most, which type of video you usually watch or which website you prefer the most in order to expose you to certain targeted ads. This technique is known as programmatic advertising and is based on the premise of offering consumers ads related to their tastes and interests.

This resource has allowed almost all industries to offer their products and services directly to the target audience and make the most of their investments in the area of advertising and marketing.

If this introduction is enough to get your attention and you want to know more about programmatic advertising – that why it is a trend, what are its benefits, and how to implement it in your marketing campaigns, then you cannot miss the rest of this article!

Let’s go ahead…

What is Programmatic Advertising?

The advertising landscape has changed a lot in recent years with the advent of digital advertising. Today, the majority of digital investment for advertisers is more focused in online. They have come out of those conventional television advertisements. This notable change concerns the display and evolution of the role that can currently play programmatic digital advertising. Based on algorithms, big data and human expertise it is a boon for advertisers wishing to maximize their chance to reach their target customers because programmatic marketing can serve a banner to the right audience at the right place and at the right time 

From a simple perspective, programmatic advertising is an automated marketing tool that uses algorithms and programming codes, in order to direct advertising offers in real-time to a target audience. It can also be defined as the execution of bids for advertisements in online media through algorithms, which take as reference the supply and demand to determine the advertising spaces that adapt to the objectives of a campaign.

Why Programmatic advertising is a trend?

Unlike traditional advertisement, programmatic advertising does not attempt to expose a product or service to as many people as it can. Instead, it remains focused on finding potential customers and the ideal time to offer them the product and increase the conversion rate.

With the influence of big data, this tool is capable of creating advertising campaigns that have the flexibility to change according to market trends. Also, it has the ability to adapt the other aspects such as location, devices, demography and time.  Therefore, in turn, it becomes a very profitable way of advertising since it is paid only to reach the consumer that has an interest in specific areas.

Benefits of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising has undoubtedly been an innovation for advertisers and it gives them great benefits. Here are the most specific ones:

  • Cost-Benefit – There is no pre-negotiation of a price. Advertisers pay only for the relevant impression they actually receive. They can set a minimum number of impressions or a minimum budget, which ultimately gives the advertiser more flexibility. Not to mention that buying digital media from publishers reduces administration costs.
  • More Customer Insights – Programmatic technology is continually gathering “smart” data based on the type of individual involved in your brand. This way you get to know your customer on a deeper level. With this knowledge in hand, you can create or adjust your marketing actions to increase overall campaign performance, creating a more holistic marketing approach.
  • More Scalability – Programmatic media enables you to reach a larger audience across multiple sites and touchpoints in a timely and efficient manner. Because bids are organized for each user who visits the site, people can be targeted to a much larger extent than before. Using customer data, the algorithm identifies what works best for each user and then directs them to the sites most likely to engage and at the most likely time for them to convert.


Undoubtedly, Programmatic advertising is a simple and cost-effective way to spread ads for your product or service. This technology offers the possibility of segmenting, improving the conversion rate and taking the message of a product or service to the places where the target audience is located. So if your business is facing a hard time and generating high-quality sales funnel traffic – Without a doubt, programmatic media is the first solution to use.  This way you will reach your potential customers at the right time and place.


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