Going Cash-Less and Card-Less


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By Bita Khodakhast, Director of Operations, Xenon4Pay, House of BookeeyWallet App

The notion behind developing a mobile wallet came from understating the user’s behaviour and modern lifestyle!   From one side the bitter or sweet fact that smartphones became an extension to our hands that can’t be unattached; and from another hand the tech savvy users in Kuwait, empowered by high smart phone penetration and easy access to good Internet made us more determined to deliver an innovative payment method inline with the new technology and market need.

We were facing a challenge of making users realize how going cash-less, card-less and digital is harmonious to their everyday lifestyle so to begin with we chose a self-explanatory name for the App “Bookeey” which means “my Wallet” in the local Kuwaiti dialect.

Then the App had to be easy to use, simulating the daily payment method and same steps the user follows to load own wallet, pay , send money to family or friend, etc.

Having in mind different life scenarios where a user needs to pay for purchases in stores, pay mobile bills for own or another person, purchase virtual cards for own or his/her children or as a gift, or even pay invoices for everyday purchases, we developed different features within the App. Now if you are in a store and not carrying your wallet, with the BookeeyWallet in your smartphone u can easily pay for your purchase! Even if you have no balance in your wallet, you can ask a family member or a friend to transfer credit to your BookeeyWallet, receive it instantly on your Bookeey and pay! And many more everyday life scenarios!

By enhancing the role of a non-bank, online payment provider, we have created a unique place in the digital revolution; Currently Bookeey is the fastest growing network in Kuwait accepted in over 1000 local & international merchant locations. Bookeey Wallet user interface is designed as per the customer’s comfort where they can load their wallet and use the credit available in their wallet as per their requirements, It has clearly identi?ed menus allowing the user to navigate and take advantage of every feature.

We at Xenon4Pay understand the need to offer banking services to people from all the sections of the society. With a high number of expatriate workers in Kuwait, it has created an easy and simple way to help them use Bookeey wallet to accept money and transfer funds to friends and family.  By using this application, people can transfer money domestically and internationally within a fraction of seconds. They can also transfer funds between Bookeey wallets and non-Bookeey wallets. Bookeey wallet also provides service for buying virtual cards such as iTunes, Google Play, Playstations, Xbox and much more and bill payments for domestic and international mobile phone services. Add to this, the app is completely free for the users with no additional fees included.

Owing to its speed, accuracy and security across all payment types, the Bookeey wallet is a suitable mobile app for innovative small businesses. The app facilitates merchants to connect with their existing and potential customers by providing them special offers and loyalty rewards. Searching and ?nding merchants are simple and categorized, which helps customers in connecting with them faster. The app also helps customers, ?nd directions by utilizing Google maps. Paying invoices is a matter of clicking a button; it is much faster and more convenient to pay through the app compared to the legacy methods of cash and debit cards. Paying remotely and transferring funds between wallets are instant, solving money payment or collection for both customers and merchants alike in many life situations.

Security is embedded in all levels of the Bookeey eco- system starting from the Internet connectivity to the core application and database, even to the level of the QR codes that are encrypted and cannot be read by any QR reader except Bookeey Merchant App. Our technical team is continuously updating the security measures to ensure compliance with best practices in the mobile app industry and constantly enhancing security.

“We want our customers to think of us as their trusted payment partner – Think of Payment, Think of paying smart with Bookeey! In the digital world, pay smartly & digitally with Bookeey.”


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