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“By 2020, the GIS/Spatial Analytics market is expected to reach US$ 88.3 Billion, growing at a CAGR of 12.4%”, estimates the ‘GeoBuiz – 2018’ report. It states further, “By 2020, the top sectors driving the market growth will be infrastructure, smart cities, utilities and e-governance. While North America remains its market leader till 2020, growth in APAC will be very high because of its large untapped user base.”

As we are ushered into the digital age, we witness GIS/Spatial Analytics solutions implementations driving a majority of consumer centric business models. But, stakeholders do face tough challenges limiting the field’s growth: restrictive policies, capacity constraints, expensive technology, complicated processes and requirement for skilled personnel. Still, 2018 has seen positive trends unfold for GIS technology providers such as re-defining enabling policies, re-defining institutional geospatial capacity and redefining the scope of user adoption.

Within Australia, one among the major GIS/Geospatial service providers inspiring such trends is GEIS Pty Ltd, an expert geospatial technology integration and consultancy services provider, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Since its inception in 1986, the company has steadily diversified its service offerings as well as its clientele. Australian government as well as utility, telecommunication sectors across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia—all rely on their services.

Stephen Cosgrove, founder and manager of GEIS Pty Ltd. remarks, “Our team believes technology only reaches its full potential when it is driven by an intuitive understanding of the business it serves.” Having closely worked with clients within the utility and telecommunication industry for decades, the GEIS team has acquired a sound and practical understanding of its complex challenges. He shares why the team remains ever successful, “GEIS simplifies and takes the complexity out of geospatial solutions and implementations ranging from enabling a data dimension to be added to existing ERP to asset system to providing mapping solutions within these solutions.”

The company’s innovative and feature-rich products which majorly enhance GE’s Smallworld product suite are well received in the market. They are: Mundi (a ready-to-deploy and highly configurable GE Network Viewer extension), PathFinder (a PNI based product which can identify fiber paths between two structures in a fiber network, display business information and generate a splice report, etc.), GTrace (enhances tracing using real world objects), GFeeder (provides full feeder administration for electricity utilities), GODV (assists in Optimal Deprival Value valuations) and GField (assists in generating overhead network from field attributes collection).

Having trained extensively with GEIS’ design model (an object-oriented, generic, self-manageable model), the GEIS development team ensure rich application functionality and user experience. Stephen adds, “We deliver our services using a virtual team approach to delivering services and solutions. Using cloud-based tools we enable clear and concise communication externally and internally essential for successful outcomes.” Until now, all their clients have received more than the best-in-the-field consultancy services. GEIS Pty Ltd. will continue to enable their customers in taking informed and practical decisions in combination with their wide range of the latest geospatial solutions in the future.

The GEIS team goes the extra mile for its clients through guaranteeing ‘No Surprises’ in all of their services. Stephen emphasizes its importance, “The key to delivering to the ‘No Surprises’ principle is to have a sound knowledge of the business drivers, objectives and processes. This leads to right solution for the client and not just a technical solution. The payback is once a project commences we strive to ensure the optimum outcome is achieved within the agreed time frame.”

The client services team is available anytime providing front-line support capable of guiding customers, delivering implementation and training services. Altogether, the company proactively serves and supports its customers, essentially reducing their concerns and allowing them to remain focused on other areas.

Regarding the company’s future, Stephen shares his thoughts, “We want to continue to be one of the preeminent Smallworld technical solution providers and integrators. We will continue assisting companies in exposing their spatial and location resources to a wider enterprise audience which will provide considerable additional value using web mapping tools without the need for data migration.”


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