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Businesses often focus on technological innovation to capture market attention, especially in today’s market environment. To a large extent, that has led to the rise of new and smart technologies, better ideas and expanded our imagination. But there is also danger to innovation when it is devoid of business ethics.  The mere technological innovation without ethics and respect for people becomes the antithesis of progress.

We observe a peculiar phenomenon among the most professional and most respected companies.  They may vary in their field of innovations, but their innovations and ways of doing business are always upholding the ethics and principles of business. They are always maintaining the values that contribute to the holistic progress of society. Such is the path for progress.

One company that caught our attention in this respect is Geo & Logic. The ability of the Dubai-based company to be innovative, deliver valuable services, and maintain a high level of integrity, honesty, and care for customers in today’s dynamic business landscape is impressive. Faisal Ahmad Al Saeed, President of Geo & Logic, points out as well as assures one crucial aspect that people tend to forget today. He says, “As technology progresses people tend to forget the people aspect in providing service, but at Geo & Logic, we make sure that we take care of our services end to end and ensure that customer engagement is there.” He adds, “Honesty and integrity is engrained in our corporate culture and that is reflected in our high customer satisfaction and engagement.” He assures that the company will continue to deliver the same.

Specialized in vehicle tracking and fleet management, the company has maintained a successful run as a marker leader in UAE. Geo & Logic is enabling businesses to enhance their bottom line, maintain transparency, and improve efficiency, quality, and safety of fleet assets. The company has established itself as a trusted fleet management and GIS solution provider in the region.

Interestingly, the success of the company came through not because of marketing campaign, but through word of mouth by clients who are satisfied with the services. That is unconventional in a good way, especially in today business world that hugely rely on online marketing. It signifies the level commitment by the company to ensure the provision of best-in-breed technology solutions.

The perfect blend of innovation, provisioning the market needs, care for customers, high professionalism, and always channelizing every effort to improve transport management in every aspect by Geo & Logic has been remarkable.

Quickly Evolved to Meet Market Needs

The company was originally established in 2005 as a software reseller. However, it soon repositioned to provide vehicle tracking solutions using cloud technology. Today, the company has expanded regionally to cover UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Early on, the company learned the importance of service that could meet the diverse customer demands in the field. The early adoption of cloud-based solutions has enabled the company to better understand cloud application in fleet management, especially to fulfill the varying needs in the market. Using cloud technology, the company’s technology architecture is designed and planned to meet the unique requirements of every client. Mr. Faisal explains, “To really serve the diverse customers we usually need to plan and work on the technology way ahead of the anticipated demand and ensure the skills and talent required to execute effectively is available.”

Flagship Products of the Company

Incorporated as Geo & Logic GIS Solutions LLC, duly licensed by the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Dubai, the company is the legal vendor and owner of Geo Mama (tracking Solution) and BOOKINGO (Car Rental Solution).

By Partnering with some of the top technology solution provider in fleet management and GIS, including, Here map, Beam wave, Teltonika, Meitrack and Laipac, Geo & Logic has been the leader in the field in UAE for over a decade. It also has reseller in the neighboring countries. The products of the company have become the most reliable technology solutions for many involved in fleet and transport management.

GeoMama: Launched in 2007, GeoMama is an end to end solution that allows the tracking, monitoring, observation, and management of fleet in real time tracking year around. Geomama helps to achieve increased efficiency and productivity of fleets. Using the latest GPS/GSM/GPRS technology, GeoMama Solutions has facilitated in delivering positive business reimbursement to many fleet operations.

The software is web-enabled and can be availed on a subscription basis. Geomama uses state of the art GPS devices and brings real-time vehicle locations combined with Telematics to various client requirements. In addition, the Geomama Online Report Center generates detailed activity reporting on driver and vehicle performance.

BOOKINGO: is an industry-leading, cloud-based reservation and account management software solution for small, medium and big-sized limousine operators.  With a state of the art website template, user-friendly online booking tools, and mobile apps, seamless integrations with Geomama, BOOKINGO enables simple, cost-effective and efficient management of car booking and rentals. Companies are increasingly relying on BOOKINGO car rental solutions to boost commercial operation, increase efficiency and stay connected with clients. It is an ultra-modern comprehensive CRM solution that can be customized to fit any business demands.

Bright Future as a Trusted Provider

Regarding the future, Mr. Faisal says, “We are looking at introducing various new product lines and are working closely with multiple suppliers in the Asia Pacific region.” He adds, “We are always evolving and need to be. We are diversifying with our product portfolio and we are constantly introducing new value-added services.”

With impeccable products using smart technologies, unparallel customer service, and ethical business model providing valuable service, the company’s future looks bright as it gears up for new innovation and further expansion in the APAC region. The devotion to ingenuity, reliability, high business ethics and deep care for customers have been the cornerstones for the company’s success as a trusted and respected provider in the marketplace.


Geo & Logic enables businesses to improve efficiency and safety of fleet that ultimately increase their bottom line

The company became popular through word of mouth by satisfied clients


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