General Vision: A New Vision for the AI industry


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When organizations are asked about their key differentiating factors, many of them would say it’s their quality-driven services and unique customer-centered approach. And indeed these are inevitable variables for an organization’s success; however, they are not enough to have an effective differentiation in the industry.

In an era where effective differentiation is the key to win customers and achieve success in the long -term, what organizations need to focus is on improving their innovation skills rather than initiating new marketing strategies.  Today, organizations having innovation skills as their key differentiating factor continue to attract more customers and have a clear advantage over the competitors in the industry.

General Vision, an AI solution provider, is one such innovative company that offers cutting-edge NeuroMem Technology for customers across various industries. Designed by the skilled team at General Vision, NeuroMem Technology is a crucial enabler for cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. “It is the architecture of cognitive memories which react to input patterns and can be compared to the brain because of its low power requirements, scalability, and instantaneous internal communications,” says Guy Paillet, President and CEO, General Vision.

A fully parallel silicon neural network, NeuroMem Technology is a chain of identical elements (neurons) which can store and process information simultaneously. “They are addressed in parallel and have their own genetic material to learn and recall patterns without running a single line of code and without reporting to any supervising unit. Also, the neurons fully collaborate with each other through a bi-directional and parallel neuron bus which is the key to accuracy, flexibility, and speed performance,” enlightens Paillet.

Leading Teams from the Front

Guy Paillet, President and CEO of General Vision, brings plenty of experience in semiconductors, in hard-wired artificial vision systems, and in parallel recognition architecture to the company.

Before joining Ground Inc, Guy Paillet had worked with many established organizations and had solved many problems related to sensing (especially vision) and artificial intelligence with elegant yet practical solutions. Regarded as the inventor of ZISC (Zero Instruction Set Computer) in a collaborative effort with IBM-Essonnes Laboratory in France in 1993, he is the brain behind the development of NeuroMem Technology.

The NeuroMem technology stemmed from the insight of Guy Paillet—that the race towards applying ever more powerful computer systems to pattern recognition problems was ineffective and would eventually prove a dead end. However, the full development of NeuroMem technology didn’t happen overnight.

Through a chronology of events, Guy Paillet along with Anne Menendez, Executive VP, Software Engineering at General vision, designed the successor of the ZISC chip between 2007 and 2009 and named it CM1K which stands for Cognitive Memory with a capacity of 1k cells. “The chip uses four patents of the original ZINC invention, which have now expired but for which IBM granted a license of use to General Vision at the time. Production Samples of the CM1K have been available since January 2010, and several NeuroMem IP licenses have been sold including one to Intel with the curie module as the first outcome of this license,” explains Anne Menendez.

The team at General Vision has made several attempts over the past years to start a commercial entity in charge of the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of the NeuroMem Chips and Collaterals. However, they couldn’t find the fund to support sustained worldwide marketing and support of many and large customer accounts.

The team at General Vision patiently waited, and the NeuroMem Technology has been growing and evolving through the years. Eventually, GutPaillet’s and his team’s efforts paid off as they found, Nepes, an ideal partner to manufacture the next generation of NeuroMem ICS and integrate into application-specific Multi-chip-Modules and System-in-package. This strategic combination has helped the company to reach markets as diverse as wearables, smart white goods, automotive, security and inspection cameras, and many more.

Today, leveraging its best-in-class NeuroMem technology, the company has developed quintessential applications such as Cognisight and Intelliglass, and other essential features for practical AI solutions including real-time learning, autonomous drift and novelty detection, and deterministic latencies. While Cognisight comprises single and Multiple NeuroMem Networks to address image/video learning and recognition such as Discrete objects’ identification, part inspection and defect detection, texture and surface classification,  Intelliglass, is a real-time intelligence attached to the sensor and embedded into a glass that recognizes and reports only the objects or events of interest.

Besides the solutions and services, the company also provides training course and technology assessment program and NeuroMem IP licensing for customers across the globe. The company going forward wants to bring more awareness to its technology while implementing its new ideas and bringing about innovations to the industry. “We also need to focus more on our R& D (Research and Development and handle product marketing, production and sales across the scope of applications,” adds Paillet. With cutting-edge technologies and a well-designed roadmap in place, the future looks exciting for the team at General Vision.  

Quotes: Leveraging its best-in-class NeuroMem technology, General Vision has developed quintessential applications such as Cognisight and Intelliglass, and other essential features for practical AI solutions

Intelliglass, is a real-time intelligence attached to the sensor and embedded into a glass that recognizes and reports only the objects or events of interest


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