G Straits: A Reliable Compliance Service Provider for your Singapore Business


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It is often presumed that entrepreneurs prefer to start a company in a business-conducive environment which will eventually add their entrepreneurial success. And standing firm on the pillars of low corporate tax rates, integrity, transparency, quality, reliability, high productivity, rule of law, availability of skilled manpower, and enforcement of intellectual property rights, the city-state of Singapore provides the most conducive environment for companies looking to expand in the region. It is considered as the financial hub of the world and is continuously bagging the award as ‘top location with ease of doing business with attractive tax sobs.’ A business set up in Singapore provides access to go global with ease. It can be a tedious and stressful process setting up a business in any country because of the various regulatory compliance that needs to be observed. Only a start-up team understands the pains of another startup firm. In that sense, the G Straits team had undergone all sort of start-up hurdles and fixed all those within G Straits process flow.

Gstraits.com is an innovative platform that aims to make the administrative process of starting a company in Singapore easy and stress-free & paper-free for entrepreneurs. Many traditional consults with high demands on several routine queries raised by prospects and clients, need to be addressed within 8rs/day. Viewing this as one of the pain points for today’s entrepreneurs, the company grabbed this opportunity to automate the entire process with utmost accuracy as if it is being answered personally. With the motive to provide services in less time with more accuracy, lead to the birth of G Straits. The company also provides Incorporation, routine compliance, cross border tax advisory and Expat solutions in Singapore. 

Headquartered in the USA, G Straits was founded by Mr. Loganathan Anandan (also, President of the company), a qualified Chartered Accountant (India), Fellow Public Accountant (Australia), Fellow International Accountant (UK), Qualified Individual (ACRA) in Singapore and a System Auditor (CISA, USA). He has worked in various international organizations across Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the USA. He has gained diversified experience across borders and cultures by working for Deloitte, Capgemini, Unilever and Indorama group for more than a decade. And Co-Founder Mr. Sabarish Muthukumar (also Vice-President), a secretarial graduate and post-graduate from NUS Business School, Singapore. He is a Qualified Individual from ACRA and leads the operations team of Gstraits, while Mr Loganathan focuses on different geographies and technological advancement.

Building a Strong Business with Unique Services

The company has clients of businesses with all sizes, from startups to Multi-national Corporation and runs the Singapore business in autopilot mode. Gstraits has teamed-up with technology service providers and implemented knowledge infused chatbots with all possible basic questions answered regarding Singapore business. It eases the work of the clients and helps them to focus on their main domain.  By assigning chatbots to take in charge of the client’s daily routine compliance stuff, the clients can just concentrate on boosting their bottom line. Cost is one of the major deciding criteria for many startups despite the quality of the services provided. With a conscious effort, the company has made the offerings as one of the cheapest for almost all of the compliance solutions, right from incorporation to secretarial services to nominee directorship to employment pass related to strike-off / wind-up of business in Singapore.

Mr. Loganathan says, “As a country, Singapore believes in 100% corporate citizenship, paperless, less human intervention in everything we do and with 100% accuracy. This is our vision at G Straits.”

G Straits’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP) makes them available to the clients most of the time. Since their platform is accessible across the planet, it is necessary for the company to keep it online most of the time. Presently, their chatbots and agents are available for about 20 hrs a day. In the near future, the company aims its team and the platform to be available online 24/7 and reply to the clients in less than 5-10 minutes.

The creation of G Straits platform is a dream come true for the entire team. Though the idea originated in Singapore, the design and development team has spread across various geographies. 

The Future Ahead

Due to the advantages, grants and economy-friendly reasons, G Straits took its first step by integrating the systems from Singapore. Moving forward, it aims to include different countries to follow this league. Mr. Loganathan says, “This should be viewed as uberization of cross border consulting for entrepreneurs – where honesty and service motive is of paramount role players.”

Currently, the record time to incorporate a company using G Straits is 50-60 mins, the company aims to reduce that to 20 mins by the end of 2020. The Gstraits next target is to replicate this model in Indonesia and United Kingdom.

Mr. Loganathan concludes by saying, “By 2030, Asia is surpassing and leading the world’s top economies, Singapore will still be the gateway for Asia. With the stability of ecopolitics, regulatory governance and proximity to India it would be a great platform for the Indian professionals who thrive hard to reach the potential of practice, leaving not only the big accounting firms play a major role in the Indian professional consulting industry,”


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