American Pacific Tax Limited: Simplifying the Complexities of US and Local Taxes in the APAC


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Consulting a Reliable Tax Service Provider is a Good Strategy

One of the biggest and inherent challenges of the corporate world is taxes. Tax challenges appear daunting to the layman as well as organizations and often we do not know how to start solving them. With the help of reliable and expert tax service providers, we have the chance to confidently manage our tax concerns. We should aim ideally toward a sense of proficiency in such matters and this will prove very valuable over time by helping us save time, money and effort. 

Helping and simplifying all tax-related challenges for various clients is American Pacific Tax Limited, a leading accounting firm located in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. The firm specializes in US and local tax services and is serving many clients in Hong Kong, China, Macau and throughout Asia. It was set up in 2012 when the founders helped a friend through a few complicated tax returns who soon become its first trusted long-term client. 

American Pacific Tax began in a tiny office space and always aimed to be nimble. The firm began with a 100% paperless work model and permitted employees to work from anywhere in the world. Christopher Chang, the managing director, recognizes this unique model as a core strength helping them exceed clients’ expectations. Its latest and permanent office has been set up in Quarry Bay to grow the business. Chris says, “We are growing our team and we’re always recruiting to find the best talent to help our clients at our newly designed office. We consistently look for a better way everyday to provide better solutions for clients and make the office culture a place where each member of our team looks forward to the new challenges each day.”

A Closer Look into American Pacific Tax Limited 

The firm’s knowledge, expertise, and skills span many services. For example: US expatriate tax returns, tax planning, consultation, liaison with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), income tax returns, state tax filing, investments, refund claims, compliance and essential documentation such as reports, FinCEN form 114, statements and IRS forms. A powerful enthusiasm drives the firm to solve clients’ challenges and its team revels in consistently helping clients find the simplest solution via the most efficient tools and processes. 

The firm ensures to stay up to date with the latest news, the best technologies and equips clients with vital knowledge and solutions. Rules and policies concerning US and local taxes continuously change and it’s important for the firm, clients and even citizens to keep updated. This is why the firm recently launched an easily accessible and mobile-friendly website with lots of helpful resources to quickly answer tax-related queries from clients and new visitors alike.

From the first time a new client inquires, the team listens keenly and is actively interested in understanding them, their needs and objectives. They work towards crafting the best solutions that add value to clients and in line with their long-term goals. The team is also proficient in the local languages i.e. Mandarin and Cantonese and this goes a long way in communicating all the essential details to the local clients.

A Positive Track Record with Many Satisfied Clients

So far, clients have loved working with the firm. They include investment bankers from global banks like Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and directors of multinational companies like Apple, Tesla, LinkedIn, Google, Uber and pilots from Cathay, Dragon Air and private airlines, professors, teachers, accountants, and lawyers. Many customer testimonials express immense praise for the firm, especially for Christopher Chang as he is easy to work with, helpful, always available and guides them throughout.

One among many such happy clients is Mike M, a US expatriate pilot, and he says, “Have used Christopher as my tax advisor for 4 years and each year I am more impressed in how good he really is. He doesn’t just prepare a return. His advice and knowledge are critical to my understanding and decision making.” He went on to say that because Chris is on the job, he is able to sleep easy. Similarly, the manager of a Singaporean hotel Brandon C. shares, “Chris is someone who will go above and beyond for you because he cares. I have the utmost trust and respect for Chris in this regard which is why I confidently recommend his services without any hesitation.”

American Tax Pacific Limited has also established strong work culture. Chris affirms, “We succeed through the strengths of our team. Rewarding team members, giving back, providing important learning and growth opportunities have been so important to our company’s success. We provide important team training where we each learn from the successes and challenges from one another to deliver excellent client service.”

All in all, American Pacific Tax Limited ensures that all clients’ needs are always taken care of and if a team member is unavailable, another will quickly jump in and offer a helping hand—all for the sake of the client. With a solid and strong understanding of the nuances of taxes, the firm is a good ally for all your tax-related concerns. 


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