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Mahd Atasha Alias, CEO, Foxymojo & Co

In today’s business, digital transformation has become one of the most important key aspects to achieve success. Adding digital services in an organization’s process can save valuable time and money and help reinvent processes and improve quality while promoting consistency. Taking this into consideration, a leading digital transformation company, Foxymojo, is helping enterprises evolve by providing various digital transformation services.

Incepted in 2018, Foxymojo is also known as Team Foxy serves the growing demand for digital transformation advisory, management consulting, and corporate finance work at an affordable fee. Unlike other typical management consulting firms that charge a considerable cost and are represented by Junior to Mid-level consultants with likely no hands-on experience to advise clients, Foxymojo saw this as a market gap with a reasonable market opportunity. Shortly after its inception, the company quickly became an internationally recognized management consulting firm with reputable clients and partners across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States.

Evolving Services to Suit Market Trends

Foxymojo provides Digital Transformation Advisory for corporates and SMEs to optimize existing businesses and create a new source of growth leveraging on technologies and industry best practices gathered in the past years. The company helps foreign companies to access the Asia Pacific region market and establish a regional operation hub in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has been ranked the 3rd Best Global Services Location for several years in a study done by A.T. Kearney. The country provides good access to high-quality talents, world-class infrastructure, reasonable cost, and quality of living. It made Malaysia a fantastic destination to establish a regional operation hub or even a disaster recovery site. It also provides Outsource Mobile & Web Application Development for companies, especially in the effort to accelerate their digitalization roadmap or transform good ideas into digital products.

Cisco Webex Experience Management (formerly known as Cloud Cherry) headquartered in the United States has seen Malaysia as its potential growth market within the SEA region. Cloud Cherry provides an innovative platform to transform the retail customer experience. The team was looking for a synergistic firm that understands their business and Independent Director to establish its presence in the Malaysian market. With broad approval, Cloud Cherry decided to work with Team Foxy. The company has successfully helped Cloud Cherry establish a presence, including representing the company for Government relations.

Another company, which is a warranty-tracker platform headquartered in Malaysia, aims to provide the easiest way to organize and track all warranties in one place. The Founder has a big idea, but he is facing a problem executing the tech development of his thoughts. Team Foxy provides advisory and has successfully helped to put his big plan into a fully functional mobile application with peace of mind. 

International Trade Center (Intracen), headquartered in Switzerland, has a joint mandate with the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations is aiming to increase the competitiveness of local tech startups in Africa, especially on innovative business models and fundraising. Intracen appointed Team Foxy as International Consulting Firm to advise African Tech Entrepreneurs. 

Team Foxy receives regular invites from corporate either for digital transformation awareness programs or advisory on tech investment. Jerry Yeo, Co-founder of Foxymojo, asserts, “Most corporations are interested in learning about innovative tech solutions, especially on how they should evaluate tech startups for potential collaboration and how they should work together.” He adds, “Without an experienced facilitator or manager, it would be tough to conclude the discussion. We help to bridge communication and expectation gaps.”

Standing Apart from the Crowd

Most of the company’s business deals come from recommendations from reputable clients and industry partners, which has encouraged more business leaders to explore services with Team Foxy with confidence. Foxymojo’s experience in dealing with different types and sizes of organizations and interaction with various levels of respective organizations helped them to provide valuable insights to the clients. It also has access to a global network of tech companies, and investors that are useful additions to the services offered for the clients. The team is connected to Seedstars, Alibaba eFounders, BoostinLyon, and many other companies.

The company which consists of experienced senior executives and experts in respective fields have proven track record with customer success mindset. “We embrace diversity and love to work with people from different backgrounds or nationalities. There are two essential criteria that we look for either to hire talents or partners: integrity and the right capabilities, which we believe are also crucial components of a strong team,” affirms Mr. Atasha, CEO and Co-founder of Foxymojo. 

Foxymojo strives to contribute to the entrepreneur community from time to time. It has been organizing and supporting events for entrepreneur communities in different cities including Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, among others.

Future Roadmap 

Foxymojo helps business leaders to make better decisions with calculated risk. Currently, the company is integrating a more data-driven approach to improve the precision of their advice. “We believe every company is unique, with that in mind we create bespoke solutions and recommendations according to the client’s needs. The precision of decision is what we are focusing on from time to time, leveraging data, algorithms, and technology.”

According to Mr. Atasha, there are many uncertainties in the global market. They are looking for ways to prolong their runway, rethinking operations, improve productivity, and need more capital injection. Foxymojo is expecting a U-shaped recovery that takes about 18 to 24 months. The risk would also depend on Government initiatives and the ability to support the business ecosystem within 24 months. 

Internationally, the company expects business growth from the Asia Pacific, especially Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Malaysia has been a proven attractive destination for labor arbitrage, prolong runway and more sustainable regional or global operations. Locally, the company is expecting more demands on digital adoption to improve productivity at the very least. 


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