SYSTECH: A Versatile Solution Provider In Fleet Management With Proven Credibility


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Mark Foler, Ceo, Systech

SYSTECH (Systems & Technology) was started in 1987 in Taiwan with a vision to be to be a global leading provider of fleet management solutions. Today, the company is a market leader with proven solutions specifically in Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). With exceptional product development and flexible customization abilities, Systems & Technology products are used in over 180 countries for versatile industries.

The company remains customer-centric despite its versatility in technology product, which has been a primary reason why clients like the company. The CEO of the company says, “We insist on providing an outstanding service for our customers to meet their demanding needs. In transforming creative ideas into realities, SYSTECH always stays true to its commitment to product integrity and safety.”

An Impressive run the leader of the field

During the inception, there was not much technology in the field. SYSTECH has always been a leader in terms of developing new solutions and integrating new technology in transport and fleet management. Today the company has a solid set of in-house product including, Cash-in-Transit, Intelligent bus, fleet safety, waste and recycling. 

The first big milestone of the company came in 1997 when its Digital Mapping Products was authorized by the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The following year, the company released the first  GPS car navigation system, called RoadEZ. The momentum of introducing new solution continues in the following years. In 2003, the company releases its IntelliTrac products. In 2004, YSTECH developed the GPS/GPRS System based on anti-theft tracking solution “MoBits” for Honda Taiwan in 2004 which was a major accomplishment in the company’s growth journey. The same year the company developed the first software “FleetWeb” for system integration.

By 2005, the company has already have presence in 70 countries selling their own products. During this time the company also successfully launched the navigation software “RoadEasy” and Location Based Services (LBS) over the Internet. Because of the company success and the proven credibility, SYSTECH obtained partnership opportunities with over 20 hardware manufactures. And by 2007 the company has already distributed it product in over 180 countries worldwide.

During the course of their journey, the company has won multiple awards of their excellency in product development with proven credibility. In 2016, SYSTECH’s Intelligent School Bus System wins System Integration Award at the 2016 Taipei Smart City & Summit Expo.

Providing superior quality solution for intelligent life

The company mission statement is to provide superior quality AVL solutions in achieving the intelligent life.  This has been very consistent with the kind of product and solutions the company has been putting out.  Guided by strong values of committed service to customers through exceptional performance and accomplishing, the company has always deliver what it promised.?

The core focus of the company includes innovation, proficiency, flexibility, quality, reliability, and service.

Innovation: Design innovative solutions for all fleet management needs.

Proficiency: Experts are trained for the most demanding markets.

Flexible customization ability: Sophisticated customization ability to fulfill customers’ a variety of requirements.

Efficiency:  Cost-Effective. Increase customers’ profitability.

Quality: Committed to providing customers with our exceptional products and service.

Reliability: Act with integrity and respect and fulfill our promises.

Service: Strive to provide our customers a comprehensive range of services with innovative solutions.

A Partner to be trusted in Fleet Management

From GPS tracking and vehicle diagnostics to asset trackers, you’ll be amazed at everything SYSTECH can do. With industry-leading fleet tracking devices that provide a variety of alerts, reports, and features, SYSTECH enhances fleet management with the intelligent information to reduce costs and increase fleet performance. And the best part about the company is the dedicated service professionals who are always there to help its customers get the most out of the SYSTECH fleet management solutions.


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