Dong Fang Offshore: Creating a Cleaner Future by Promoting the Development of Offshore Wind Power


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Polin Chen, CEO, Dong Fang Offshore

Even though the wind has proven to be a significant source of energy, there are still a lot of opportunities waiting to be developed and deployed to reduce carbon footprints. This is where offshore wind power comes into the picture by supplying power to households, transportation, and industrial production. Offshore wind power is a constantly renewable and infinite energy source, and the conversion of wind into power creates no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. With world leaders matching shoulders for a clean energy drive to tackle climate change, offshore wind power will play an essential role in our future electricity generation. Done right, this promising energy source can be a cornerstone of the world’s power supply, create a diversity of jobs, and create wealth in many countries.

Recognizing the immense potential of offshore wind energy, a pioneering company that is actively promoting the development of offshore wind power by delivering safe and cost-effective solutions to successfully meet Taiwan’s goal of over 15.5 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2035 is DFO (Dong Fang Offshore). Established in 2019, DFO is a subsidiary of HHC (Hung Hua Construction Group), the leading Taiwanese marine construction contractor, owning and operating various types of vessels. DFO was born to solely focus on the offshore wind industry to accommodate green energy in Taiwan. While it commenced its journey with just 4 people, today it has grown from a capital 400k USD to a 50m USD Company with more than 200 employees. In the short period, the company has bagged several accolades and recognition for its breakthrough solutions and services, which speaks volumes about its capabilities. DFO has been recognized as the ‘first owner to invest in new building offshore vessels in Taiwan in 2019’, ‘the company with the most track records in Taiwan’, ‘the first Taiwanese owner of CSV’, and ‘the only company in Taiwan with the most diversified fleet.’

A Leading Vessel Solutions Provider for Offshore Wind Projects

DFO actively promotes the development of offshore wind power and collaborates closely with major developers, international EPC contractors, and turbine OEMs in the consenting, construction, and O&M phases of offshore renewable energy projects in the Asia Pacific. Armed with a substantial and versatile fleet of wholly-owned vessels together with a professional operations team, including CSV (Construction Support Vessel), CLV (Cable Laying Vessel), CTVs (Crew Transfer Vessels), AHTs (Anchor Handling Tugs), and Cargo Barge, DFO delivers high quality and competitively priced localized solutions to deliver the sustainable energy transition. “We are fully committed to the industry, that’s why we have made so much investment into this field. The investment we have made is more than 5 times compared to the 2nd local owner. By moving into this renewable energy sector, the management of DFO is open-minded to build a multicultural team to make sure that we will be able to move fast enough to adapt to the quick energy transition and short learning curve challenges,” asserts Polin Chen, the CEO of DFO.

Keeping Customers at the Forefront

Undoubtedly, the key to DFO’s success lies in its ability to reliably deliver safe and cost-effective solutions for the sustainable energy transition. But its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is what truly differentiates the company. Integrity, quality, and impeccable customer support are the pillars on which DFO builds its forte. A pioneer in the truest sense, DFO has always placed particular emphasis on paying attention to customers and ensuring that there is good communication and knowledge sharing to respect the client’s needs. The main customers for DFO are the developer of wind farms or large EPC contractors of wind farms and It always takes an attitude of partnership towards its customers. “The clients are partners of DFO, to create a sustainable business, we are committed to providing cost-effective and package solutions to clients, because at the end of the day, clients are the same as DFO that requires to make a profit as a business, therefore we have a common interest to deliver a project safely and cost-effectively,” opines Polin.

Cultivating a Culture of Teamwork

Apart from its client-centric solution and services, the core attribute which played a critical role in the success story of DFO is its people and inspiring work culture. “The employees are the main key to DFO’s success; our team is where DFO’s value is and our most important asset, the only reason that DFO is able to expand so fast,” affirms Polin.

The collaborative culture and work environment of mutual trust, respect, and acceptance at DFO help its employees maximize their potential and contribute the most to the success of the company. “DFO’s focus is never on how good each employee is, but how good the team is able to work together and deliver. Therefore during the quick expansion of the company, we had a lot of challenges, but the team was able to face & solve problems together instead of fighting alone individually,” shares Polin.

Eyeing for Continuous Growth

Since its inception, DFO has been investing in the offshore wind energy sector and it will continue to do so. Committed to creating a better future through clean and more efficient energy, DFO is constantly on the lookout for better ways to help its customers. As Taiwan is a country that lacks marine resources, DFO aims to provide its clients with more comprehensive package solutions with its diversified fleet while further expanding its reach. Going forward, DFO aspires to be the supplier of choice for CTVs, SOVs and specialized offshore vessels used in service and transportation solutions within the renewable energy and nearshore civil constructions sectors in the Asia Pacific, leading with the largest fit-for-purpose fleet of modern vessels in APAC, strong local competence, and industry-leading operational delivery and quality. “We aim to create an international company rather than just a local company. Our goal is to become the leading offshore marine company in the APAC starting from Taiwan,” concludes Polin.


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