Asti Infotech: Simplifying the Complex Fleet Management Processes for Businesses


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Mahendra Pratap, Ceo, Asti Infotech

In this fast-paced world, improving operational efficiency has become a holy grail that every enterprise wants to chase. And one of the highly efficient ways for businesses to perk up their operational efficiency is to incorporate an effective fleet management process in place. Keeping the fleet well managed can help businesses to optimize their everyday operations, reduce costs and maintain a healthy bottom line.

However, with multitudinous challenges such as multi-geographical barriers, uncertainty surrounding the vehicle’s location and regulatory compliance, managing fleet becomes a complex task to handle. Riddled with a bundle of complications and uncertainties, fleet management calls for a unique solution and this is precisely what Asti Infotech, a prominent fleet management solution provider offers to its clients.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the leading firm has been working with a single-minded purpose of exploiting the new technologies such as IoT and AI to resolve many real-time problems and accelerate the growth of industries dealing with logistics, transportation, and mobile sales force.

The wide range of simple yet effective solutions offered by Asti Infotech helps users to prevent accidents and thefts, increase productivity, streamline communication, reduce time to complete tasks, improve quality, visibility, efficiency, operational stability, customer satisfaction and much more.

Delivering Simple, Robust and User-Friendly Solutions

As one of the dominant players in the fleet industry, Asti Infotech facilitates customers with a portfolio of products that range from basic GPS tracking system to driver drowsiness detection solution. While the GPS school bus tracking system (Trakom) offered by the company ensures peace of mind to parents by tracking and updating them about the location of their children during their commute, its driver drowsiness detection solution provides real-time alerts regarding all the potential symptoms of fatigue to help in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers.

In conjunction with this, the company also provides fleet management solutions (AFM) and vehicle tracking and monitoring solution (VTMS). AFM helps companies to manage their fleet of vehicles and assure safer commute to employees whereas the vehicle tracking and monitoring solution helps fleet managers in the transportation/logistics industry to plan and track the transportation needs of business in a more efficient way.

Besides fleet management solutions, the innovative firm delivers a broad range of services for schools and enterprises to help them in performance monitoring and overall management.  The technically adept team at Asti Infotech has developed Asti School ERP Solution to help schools smoothly integrate multiple departments and manage school activities and RFID attendance management and student monitoring solution to automate attendance management systems in schools and school buses. Similarly, for businesses, the company provides imprint, salesforce performance monitoring solutions to help sales managers and professionals improve their productivity and attain the highest potential.

Creating a Difference through Innovation and Customer-Centric Approach

“Innovation is our tradition. Commitment to innovation and the encouragement of new ideas is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our mission is to create happy and satisfied clients who consider us partners in their growth,” asserts Mahendra Pratap, CEO of Asti Infotech.

The success of the pioneering company lies in its ability to continuously innovate but what really differentiates the firm is that its products are developed with the customers in mind. While creating a new innovative solution, the company always designs it with one purpose in mind: to make it simpler and beneficial for its clients.

“All our solutions incorporate smarter and user-friendly modules that ensure maximum business benefits to our clients. Be it the data security, assistance, support & training or scalability, we ensure to serve our customers the best. Responsibility towards our clients is one of our greatest values—we do everything to provide more with less investment of their time and money,” says Mahendra.

Backed by a group of experienced and passionate professionals who have worked very closely with various industries, the company understands the process in-depth and provides a solution that can enhance the businesses and ROI of its clients.

Fostering a Creative and Healthy Work Culture

Apart from a clear focus on creating happy and satisfied clients through innovation, Asti Infotech also heavily focuses on nurturing a sense of belief and ownership for learning among its employees. The company always motivates and encourages its employees to bring out and express their views and skills and helps them to reach their maximum potential.

“Working at Asti is filled with challenges, opportunities, and rewards in equal measure. Employees are given the freedom to come up with their own ideas, execute them and own them,” avers Mahendra.

The firm also exponentially rewards the hard work and maintains a fun work environment abuzz with creativity, cutting-edge technology and team spirit.

Intend To Expand Its Product Line and Customer Reach

With its groundbreaking innovations and technology excellence, Asti Infotech has attained a unique edge in the market. But not resting on its laurels, the inventive company with its industry rich experience further intends to leverage new technologies and spread out globally in the coming years.

“Asti continues to mine new technologies to expand its product line and customer reach. With these twin objectives over the next few years, we foresee ourselves as a well-established technology-driven company in the Indian and International market,” concludes Mahendra.


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