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Glenn Elliott, CEO, Practifi

Financial firms often rely on several critical software platforms, including both proprietary and third-party applications, to manage their expanding operations. As needs arise, they add more standalone business applications to meet them. However, when business and complexities increase, managing disparate applications becomes an uphill battle. It requires a lot of time and effort to find information that’s spread out across numerous applications. Constantly moving between platforms inhibits flexibility, productivity, and slows down the company’s ability to reach its full potential.

When two industry veterans, Adrian Johnstone and Glenn Elliott, saw these emerging challenges, they realized that financial firms need a well-designed and fully-integrated platform that meets their complex business and data structures. This realization led to the inception of Practifi, a revolutionary business management platform for financial advice firms to simplify and automate their business operations. Built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform, Practifi is secure, reliable and massively scalable.

Simplifying Finance Operations through a Central-Hub

While larger technology providers are moving toward an all-in-one ‘cloud’ offering, financial firms are often unable to leverage it to get the kind of ROI that’s initially promised. This may be due to compliance requirements, integration requirements with other financial-specific technology, and limitations from custodians or licensees. For these reasons, expecting one technology to do it all and that the whole cloud is best in class, seems unrealistic. Therefore, it makes much more sense to meet the need through connectivity, and this is precisely what Practifi aims to achieve. Practifi’s platform acts as a central hub where financial advice firms can automate their processes to strengthen customer relationships and fulfill their growth potential.

Tailored specifically for the financial services industry, the Practifi platform allows financial advisers, planners, wealth managers, and superannuation firms to effortlessly manage their client relationships, monitor compliance, and automate processes while scaling their business and growing revenue.  Practifi streamlines every step of the workflow, from generating new business, to onboarding clients, conducting reviews, and managing ongoing service arrangements. Also, to help business leaders to keep tabs on every aspect of their business, it delivers a 360-degree view of their ongoing service commitments, interactions, important dates, revenue, affiliated client entities and much more.

“Ultimately, in a sea of disparate technologies, Practifi is a unifying force. It acts as the central hub of businesses’ operations, connecting many of a business’ most important software platforms and supercharging efficiency gains throughout the entire organization,” says Adrian.

Keeping Client Success at the forefront

Practifi’s success lies in its ability to simplify and automate complex business processes, but what really differentiates the Fintech firm is its strong commitment to client success.

“Since the very beginning, we have put our clients at the center of our world and as we’ve grown, so has our commitment to our clients. As part of that commitment, we continually invest in our product and our team,” asserts Adrian.

Being a customer-centric Fintech company, Practifi values customer feedback and always focuses on continuously enhancing its services to deliver greater functionality to its users. Practifi even created an official ‘ideas space’ for its clients to submit their ideas and track the progress of consideration or implementation. The new functionality released in the last year actually came from clients and includes new and extended integrations, enhanced client and prospect management, improved platform usability and platform innovation and expansion.

Intend To Further Elevate the Client Experience

With its cutting-edge solutions and customer-centric approach, Practifi has attained a unique edge in the market as a holistic business management platform. Today, it serves firms in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. But not resting on its laurels, the pioneering company further intends to leverage new technologies to take its customer experience to the next level.

“To achieve our goal, we will continue looking ahead to trends in AI while surfacing even richer analytics, supercharging performance, and focusing more on role-based functionality,” states Adrian.  “Overall, our plan is to keep growing and continue investing in our team and our product, so that we can further elevate the client experience and create the most efficient business management platform possible,” he concludes.


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