FiNextDubai2020: InternetShine Corp. announces the fourth edition of FiNext Awards & Conference in Dubai


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Dubai, 2020 – InternetShine Corporation USA will present FiNext Awards & Conference at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre on 26th and 27th of February, 2020, featuring some of the best minds of Finance and Technology industry like Muadh Alhusaini the Co-Founder of Ehata Financial, Aamena Khan Partner at PwC, Ramkumar Balasubramaniam the Head of Financial Planning and Analysis And MI at Barclays, Amine Sabri the Senior Manager/ Director Principal at EY, Haysam Fahmy the Vice President Middle East & Africa Managed Services at Mastercard, Daniel Gould the Deputy CEO of Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank, Amnah Ajmal the Executive Vice President, Market Development, MEA for Mastercard, and many others. 

InternetShine Corporation is proud to bring FiNext Awards and Conference for the first time to Dubai which is its 4th edition worldwide. FiNext Awards and Conference will bring together and celebrate the excellence of companies and individuals in the traditional finance and FinTech sector. This conference will serve as a platform to the needs of the Fin-Tech industry in terms of interaction, innovation, networking and showcasing of the talent. Joining the conference will give you the chance to interact in-person with the world leaders, innovators and decision-makers of many top-level banks, financial and tech companies. 

The two-day conference presents the opportunity to meet and engage with peers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, while the awards acknowledge people who are bringing the future of finance through their persistent efforts. 

As Anas Jawed the Co-Founder and CEO of FiNext Conference puts it ‘we are beyond the point where FinTech was a new industry, it’s the time where we are seeing the birth of improvised solutions through the existing and ever-developing technology in the financial space. This is why we need to develop a global community of individuals and 

companies who are operating in the financial sector and are enthusiastic about technological innovation. FiNext Conference is facilitating just that.’ 

The conference will feature leaders and thinkers who will discuss the latest trends and topics that are shaping and revolutionizing the FinTech industry. 

Shujat Siddiqui the Co-Founder and program manager of the event thinks that FiNext is a platform which provides traditional financial institution and FinTech companies to interact in an intimate setting to build meaningful alliances for the global financial industry to grow together. 

The platform is set for the attendees to listen to, imbibe and discuss the current prevalent topics of the Industry. In the two day conference, you can interact with and listen to the leaders and greatest minds of the industry talk about trends such as Global Shifts in Financial Services, Access to Capital in the Middle East Region for start-up and SMEs and replication of B2C Payments Innovation in a more Traditional B2B Payment World. 

The event will bring the world’s thought leaders on one stage to discuss their views & knowledge about trends that are set to change the future of FinTech. Panel discussions on Digital Future of Finance, Crowdfunding and Peer-To-Peer Funding and Finance Modernization present a great opportunity to hear and learn from the best minds in the FinTech industry. 

Some of our past attendees had a great experience at the event, as Jesse VU, CEO Exceedia Consulting shared her experience saying that she had been looking around ways to streamline technology for their firm and this is a great networking experience; excited to explore some collaboration opportunities. She was very excited to know what the next year’s conference is going to look like when everyone comes back and see how these collaborations worked out. 

Sahil Arora the Partnership Manager of Hydrogen said that the conference has been really amazing, the content chosen is terrific. He liked the intimate setting the most for the attendees to network. 

Alex Mcdougall the CIO of Bicarmel Ventures mentioned that he is proud of the organizing team for putting this conference together. A lot of different schools of thought were represented and a lot of different mindsets and it was good to factor it all back to Fintech and moving. 

Om Kundu the Founder of Inspirave said that We’re at an inflection point where FinTech is not just another buzzword;so there couldn’t be a better time for this conference and there couldn’t be a better time for them to be participating in it. 

Do Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI, ML & Bitcoin seem like words you use in your everyday lingo? If you find yourself nodding in agreement please reach out to the FiNext Conference team to know how to register for the event.

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