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Phong Do, Founder & CEO, BStar Solutions

We are increasingly depending on technology, especially the internet and digital tech, in the course of our daily lives.It’s a universal trend, in all industries today: customers and service providers interact with each other through the latest tech tools. As digital solutions connect us with our favourite brands, retailers, restaurants, hospitals and more, the general demand for high-quality digital products and services is growing continuously.

As the entire professional world embraces the latest tech trends, a need arises for experts to guide everyone in the right direction. Accordingly, there is also a need to deliver high quality tech solutions to support the steady growth of businesses everywhere.

In Vietnam, ‘BStar Solutions’ is one of the most prominent digital, software and information technology solution providers today. It was set up in Ho Chi Minh city—the nation’s financial, economic and technological centre, with an aim to support the modernization of businesses, by providing high-quality tech solutions. The company primarily caters to organizations in the Asia Pacific, supporting their digital transformation and modernization initiatives.

An Expert Creator and Provider of High-Quality Digital Solutions

BStar Solutions specializes in developing, customizing and providing solutions encompassing internet of things, radio-frequency identification (RFID), FinTech, over-the-top media, booking and content management systems. Their services are strongly supported by competencies in key areas such as mobile apps, web apps, backend computing, enterprise application integration (EAI) and DevOps.

From a national point-of-view, the company is especially well-renowned for its expertise in RFID and EAI solutions. “We provide end to end RFID services, including hardware, software and middleware, from RFID chipsets, labelling, readers, controllers as well as integrating these solutions in client’s existing enterprise resource planning systems. We are also strategic partners with global RFID hardware providers such as Bluebird, Smartrac and Impinj, “Mr. Phong Do, the company’s Founder and CEO, explains. To add, the company has its own proprietary RFID chip convertors capable of producing millions of printable tags in a month.

A Commitment to Customer Success

“Our primary clients are corporations in Asia Pacific preparing for or engaged in digital transformation and improved IT Solutions. They are looking for trusted technology partners to help them develop and deploy good quality RFID and EAI Solutions according to their needs,” Mr. Phong Do, says.

Enterprise-class organizations require specialized attention. They have a large number of employees and a much greater number of customers. So, accordingly, they need a reliable supply of high-quality digital solutions to match their unique needs. BStar Solutions excels in providing high-quality solutions to such large organizations, satisfactorily and successfully.

The company has successfully delivered RFID and EAI solutions to global-level multibillion dollar corporations in the medical device research and manufacture industries. They have also successfully developed an EAI platforms for one of the biggest banks in South East Asia. “We built a banking application programming interface gateway and migrated their banking services from their previous legacy system to a new and better one. We introduced cutting-edge technologies needed in many of today’s banking services including mobile banking, lending, credits, wallets and payment gateway integration,” Mr. Steven Truong, the company’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, adds.

In addition to large organizations, BStar Solutions is also proficient enough to help growing start-ups in their early and crucial stages of growth.Some of their eminent clients include Boston Scientific, VinGroup, Toshiba, AnGia Group, Leet Entertainment, Hubble Connected, HubAsset and TransX Systems. All of the company’s clients have gained many benefits from their services like saving time, reducing expenses and improving return on investments.

The secret of the company’s successful customer relationships is a combination of a diligent practice of customer centricity, a commitment to provide quality services and a mastery of global software development practices.

Laying the Groundwork for International Expansion

BStar Solutions endeavours to become the best provider of RFID solutions, EAI solutions and many other vital digital solutions in Vietnam and slowly, further into the world. Apart from a well experienced and proficient managerial team, their services are supported by 140 expert software developers experienced in working with clients in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Vietnam itself. They also have a digital solutions architect team having more than 15 years of experience in consulting, developing and delivering solutions in RFID, EAI and enterprise resource planning.

Since its inception in 2016, BStar Solutions has served many satisfied clients, from start-ups to large organizations, slowly and steadily becoming a reliable and expert digital solutions provider in Vietnam. In view of the future, they want to continue this positive performance by continuously improving and delivering digital solutions to meet world-class standards. “In the future, we also want to open more subsidiaries in Japan and some Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia to support local customers more effectively,” Mr. Phong concludes.


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