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Establishing a new operation in a new country is challenging for foreign organization and in order to succeed and manage the cost, many companies choose to outsource their back-office operations to external service providers. This will enable the companies to focus on their business operations while at the same time local regulations are fully complied with.

Within Asia-Pacific, Finex Group is a boutique practice that provides a wide range of corporate services. Established 12 years ago, in one of the fastest developing economies of the region, Vietnam, Finex initially started out providing HR consultancy and related services to meet the needs of foreign invested enterprises for valuable resources such as recruitment and related support services including payroll and outsourcing.

Started off as a 4-member team, Finex Group has since grown and now comprises of 4 separate companies. Each company focus on separate services and Finex Group now provide a full range of corporate services from human resources to accounting, taxes, compliance with the objective and capability of meeting the needs of clients all under one roof. In 2019, the company employs 40 skilled employees working across two offices in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The management at Finex Group comprises leaders with well experienced in related fields such as accounting, taxation, human resources and outsourcing and brings with them international experiences from working in different countries in Asia Pacific and Europe. The accounting arm of Finex Group is also a member of The International Accounting Group, a worldwide alliance of independent accounting firms that covers more than 140 countries. Finex Group’s portfolio of client includes companies from all four corners of the world and comprises of multinational companies as well as SMEs.

Betty Gervasini, talks about the company’s offerings, “Today, we offer a wide range of corporate services supporting foreign investors in their investments in Vietnam: company incorporation, virtual office, office room leasing, HR services, payroll, accounting, book-keeping, tax compliance, advisory, staffing services, recruitment, expatriate location services and market entry consultation. We also adopt best practices from our past experiences one of which related to confidentiality. We treat this as utmost important and thus, adopts the best practices to ensure all client information are confidential and secured.”

Adopting the motto of ‘share a passion for excellence’, the team members of Finex Group is encouraged to strive for excellence, especially, in their work. In line with this, recognizing that knowledge is the most important factor of the business, all employees diligently and pro-actively update their knowledge with regards to the constant changes to the regulation in Vietnam as well as the ever-changing global environment. In additional Finex Group constantly adopts new technology to ensure the group is managed efficiently. Founder and director, Ms. Betty Gervasini say that, “We invest time and effort in developing in-house systems to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in our internal processes and ensure seamless service execution to clients.”

To ensure effectiveness and efficiency, FINEX Corporation streamlines internal processes to achieve smooth customer engagements. The objective is to provide services at affordable fees level while maintaining the service quality by improvements over time. Newer technologies are frequently adopted for e.g., installing the latest IT infrastructure working over secure intranet networks.

Betty Gervasini tells, “We do not need put in huge efforts in promoting our services over the years. Other than the typical clients that found us on the internet, many clients came to us through word of mouth.”

Betty says, “Much of our growth is attributed to our professionalism, our attention to detail, and our willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ to fulfill and meet the needs of our client. In addition to serving our clients with compliance with local laws and regulations, we also take the extra mile by sharing with clients our experiences in Vietnam, after having lived in Vietnam for more than 10 years.  Our international client appreciates our thoughts, especially when it helps them overcome challenges that are unique to doing business in Vietnam. We are happy when client share with us their challenges because it reflects the confidence clients have in our ability to help them overcome the challenges. We do not claim that we are able to solve all the problems, but with our experience in Vietnam, we know where to find answers to their problems.”

Kevin Lam, one of the partners of Finex Group believes that no client is too small for Finex Group. “I take a positive outlook in life and in our business. Despite what is happening around the world, with Brexit, trade war, etc, I believe there are silver linings and the Vietnamese economy is one of them. Taking a positive outlook, we believe in the potential of all our clients’ business  irrespective of their size. We believe in growing with their clients and adopting the win-win principal with all our stakeholders, from employees to clients. One of the quotes I often share with others is by Robert G. Ingersoll, i.e. “We rise by lifting others”. The quote says it all. We hope to convey the message that the interest of our client comes first and we hope to play a part in their successes. In addition to taking care of client’s compliance needs, we also go beyond what was expected by sharing our experience in this country, after having lived in this beautiful and vibrant country for 12 years. Many find our thoughts helpful and valuable. By taking the extra mile, people recognize that we are always there for them and consequently, people tends to be very open to share their problems with us and ask us for advice. Yes, sometimes I end up giving free advice.” Kevin says with a smile.

The FINEX Corporation team works in unison to foster a close relationship with their clients. All of their clients have provided great feedback and have voiced positive comments regarding their services. Betty Gervasini positively says, “There is so much you can say when most customers give 5 stars rating for our services!”

Now, FINEX Corporation is steadily garnering renown as a one-stop consultancy for HR solutions, tax compliance services and corporate services for businesses within the Asia-Pacific. To prepare for the future, the management will direct its energy and resources towards further developing their solution delivery approach. By utilizing the latest technology, practicing advanced time management and a high-caliber team distinguished for not only their skill alone but also in deploying solutions, the company is committed and ready to serve more clients. Alongside, they are developing ways to utilize information technology to meet their clients’ needs in a cost-effective manner.


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