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Hidajat Hoesni, Managing Director, Falcon SC

Despite being a tedious task, tax compliance is of so much importance. Especially, while doing a business, keeping up with the ever-evolving tax rates and rules is critical to maintaining the smooth functioning of an organization’s finances. It not only allows businesses to review the efficiency of their operations but also helps them to make business decisions and improve the company’s profitability. But with the tremendous changes in the taxation system during the last few decades, businesses are facing numerous challenges in catching up with business changes and providing consistent and predictable tax regimes. Thus, to triumph over the taxation crux, every business entity needs an experienced and efficient financial and tax consultant.With the mission to provide value-added services and effectively handle the ever-growing tax consulting, best practices of tax disputes handling transactions, and support on tax matters for merger and acquisition, Falcon Strategic Consulting, a leading tax service provider in Indonesia came into existence.

Incorporated in 2011, Falcon Strategic Consulting well known as “Falcon SC”, independent of any accounting firm, was founded by Mr. Hidajat Hoesni who currently holds a position as a Managing Director. As a Limited Liability Company with Legal Status in Jakarta, Indonesia, Falcon SC provides hassle-free services by taking good care of business compliance matters and providing the best solution to optimize the business profit after tax.“We aim to be the trusted partner in taxation & business consulting services in Indonesia that truly adds value to the stakeholders by providing high quality & professional service with integrity, independence, and timelines as the cornerstones of our practice towards the client’s commercial goal,” asserts Mr. Hidajat.

Offering Value Added Services with a Holistic Approach

Falcon SC offers a one-stop solution, from company incorporation, and liquidation services, to taxation matters. Taxationis a core expertise of Falcon SC, which comprises a wide range of taxation scopes such as Tax Consulting & Facilities Services, Tax Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services, Tax Compliance Services, Transfer Pricing Documentation Services, Tax Due Diligence Services, andTax Support Services on Merger, Acquisition, Spin-Off, IPO, and Other Corporate Restructuring Transaction.

Falcon FC servescorporations’ and individuals’ needs in tax compliance obligations, including tax computation and reporting tax returns. “It significantly limits the taxation exposure risk due to insufficient knowledge of the tax regulations,the incorrect interpretation thereof, or simply a basic mistake. We help clients to optimize tax efficiency and contribute to overall corporate strategy through the formulation of effective tax strategies and innovative tax planning, within the applicable tax corridor,” opines Mr. Hidajat.

The Company also represents clients in the event of a tax dispute in all stages by liaising with the Tax Authority and monitoring the progress of the tax dispute to ensure the correct processes are followed and represent the clients before the Tax authority to resolve issues and defend the client’s position. “We are prepared to help our clients navigate regulatory complexity and strengthen trust and transparency. Our purpose to build trust for our clients is at the core of everything we do. It guides how we serve our clients,” adds Mr. Hidajat.

Committed to Customer satisfaction

The client base of Falcon SC includes a broad spectrum of disciplines, industries, and markets including trading and manufacturing, energy and resources, mining services, banking, and financial services, telecommunication, media, technology, hospitality, services, property, and many more. With its deep insights, expertise, and industry knowledge to anticipate and address clients’ business needs, it has been able to servebig corporations such as MNCs, Local Corporate and Individual, Conglomerate groups, and assisting business and professional associations such as KADIN(Indonesian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry), APINDO (The Indonesian Employers Association), REI (Real Estate Indonesia) and other association by being actively involved in focus group discussions that bridge associations with regulators to create a win-win solution synergy to develop the national economy. Keeping clients’ stratification at the core, it always strives to serve clients with nothing less than excellence. The diligent team atFalcon SCwho mostly has worked for international firms and Indonesia’s leading tax firmsforms a trusted relationship and communication with its clients by providing all new information about tax regulations which helps clients to comply. “To build trust and enhance the value of our clients, we should always be accountable for our actions and maintain our independence and objectivity. We are committed to helping clients follow good business practices,” elucidatesMr. Hidajat.

Abiding by Its Precious Values

“Falcon SC” is also derived from its core values of focus, assurance, commitment, excellence, collaboration, and teamwork. Being focused and responsive in delivering services, it givesassurance in providing tax and business solutions to its clients. It always strives to attain excellence in services towards any assignment and stay full of energy in responding to challenging situations. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which had catastrophic effects on businesses around the world, Falcon SC stayed resolute and successfully navigated the testing times with zero layoffs.Falcon SCstrongly believes that the success of an organization highly relies on its team. Thus, it focuses on fostering an empowering work culture and a winning team with an ability to turn complex issues into “Mission Taxpossible.” Besides this, integrity, trustworthiness, and impartiality are the key values that are deeply ingrained in its work culture. Keeping all these values at the core, it aspires to be the best in the consulting business and taxation expert. The company has a strong record of helping clients navigate effectively through the challenging environment. Its network of businesses and professionals can rapidly collaborate with clients to develop a transformation strategy and solution. “We need to earn trust, which has never been more important, nor more difficult. We thrive to deliver sustained outcomes in an environment where competition and the risk of disruption are more intense than ever and societal expectations have never been greater,” states Ms. Cecylia, co-founder & director of Falcon SC.

Steering Towards a Promising Future

Falcon SC has been growing by leaps and bounds since its inception. With its best practices and consistency in work, the company strives for perfection and works on further improvement of its service level and quality. Currently, it is focusing on transforming its workforce to drive productivity, innovation, and growth. “It is about anticipating the right skills and investment in their future. If we embrace and take ownership of ourselves, we can protect the future ahead of us,” affirms Ms. Cecylia. Further, the company envisions to be a leading local tax consultant in which the quality is no less than the world’s largest firms known as The Big 4 with reasonable fees.


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