Eutech Cybernetics: Transformation in Real Estate and Construction Industry


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Eutech Cybernetics: Transformation in Real Estate and Construction Industry

The upsurge of technology is constantly changing the way we live in the world. The concept of smart city is not only for tech enthusiasts or innovators; it will touch every stakeholder including the ordinary citizens, city authorities, local companies and industries, and community groups. Smart city promises to improve citizen’s lives, infrastructure and makes

live on earth more desirable and convenient.

However, that can only be achieved through strategic implementation of technological solutions with sustainable development at the Center. Dedicated companies with their expertises are leading the transforming that is making a significant improvement in urban business development, real estate, sanitation, housing, transportation, communication, safety, amongst others. As a pioneer Smart Cities, Eutech Cybernetics is playing a crucial role with specialization in the provision of solutions in design, development, and implementation of next generation Smart Workplace. Started in 1990 with headquarter in Singapore, the company has secured a well-reputed position in creating Smart Building and Cities. Backed by 18 years of domain knowledge and experience, Eutech is serving in several areas including Smart Workplace Management, Smart Cities Development, Commissioning Management and Energy & Sustainability Management.

The advent of digital smart technologies has transformed many industries for the better. However, the real estate and construction industry is lagging in adopting the advanced technology. Eutech Cybernetics is addressing this by enforcing two major changes: the digital transformation of construction and real estate industry and the evolution of disruptive business models.

The company is enabling these changes by deploying its iviva platform—an integration and digital transformation platform, for the commissioning and management of smart buildings and digital workplaces. iviva is focused on enabling user journeys to enhance user experience and increase productivity. Dr. Hari Gunasingham, CEO of the company said: “After a few missteps, and after we released the first version of the iviva platform in 2007, we have been growing from strength to strength both in terms of product innovation as well in regard to our customer base”.

Eutech’s iviva is designed with the integration of cloud, BIM, IoT and AI technologies to improve productivity, quality, and operational performance at a low cost. The key components, C 2 O process and toolkit, allow integration and automation of systems and processes across engineering, implementation, commissioning, and operation to reduce the cost, complexity and eliminate traditional methods of design implementation, and operation of Smart Buildings. It also enhances collaboration with various stakeholders. The end result of C 2 O process delivers two outcomes: A fully integrated “Physical Building” as well as its Digital Twin. The Digital Twin is a complete working, digital replica of the physical spaces, assets, equipment, and processes of the building.

Although the real estate and construction industry are slow in adopting new technologies and methodologies, Eutech Cybernetics is convinced that the industry will match the pace as iviva proves to be the world’s first Integrated Delivery Platform for Smart Buildings. iviva’s recent project; Barangaroo South on the Sydney waterfront, demonstrates the benefits and opportunities brought by Smart Buildings and Cities. Gunasingham explained, “Iviva provided an Open Building Systems Integration (OBSI) platform that supports over 1,000,000 real-time I/O points and an unprecedented level of integration between systems and business processes across three towers”.

After the success of iviva platform, the company has been recognized and awarded on multiple occasions including Gartner Cool Vendor 2014, Realcomm USA, Lifetime Achievement Award-2018. The company is looking forward to increase the use of Integrated Process Automation and AI through Lucy and C 2 O digital delivery process. Gunasingham

said “Currently we have automated 60% of the implementation process. Our goal is to automate 80% within the next 3 years and 90% within the next 5 years”.

The company remains committed to being at the leading edge of digital transformation in construction and real estate by integrating Smart Buildings and Facility Management. With more trusted partners and clients, the company is expecting to achieve 100 integration partners by the end of 2019. Gunasingham said, “Trust comes from delivering on promises and being there when customers need you. I think that we have achieved that with our customers.” As the concept of smart cities begins to take its physical form, the future of the Singapore-based company looks bright as it continues to expand in geography and technological capabilities.


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