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Written by Ariful Bashar, Digital Lead, GREY DhakaAdvertising has come a long way. From its inception from Posters, Magazines, Newspapers, Televisions to Digital. It has evolved beyond our imaginations, and we advertisers have adapted it well so far. With each new change came new challenges. A basic learning curve was required to grasp all in to utilize these innovative mediums.

The last BIG shift in media was seen by the invention of TV. Television disrupted the way world communicated for long. Not only sound, now people could see. This change in media consumption even amazed David Ogilvy which he mentioned multiple times in his advertising books and used it effectively to communicate for brands. What Ogilvy couldn’t mention, was waiting for the rest of us just around the corner of the century. The potentiality of this new medium has more power than anything else invented before it.

More connected than ever before. It brought families closer, made works easier and provided information to everyone, all just a click away.


We all know it, at least we think we do. Internet opened doors to connectivity and innovation. Each new media type presented 100s more scope of innovation. Social media, online streaming, mobile applications: Internet made life enjoyable, and created a safe haven for people. From first online radio streaming to AppleCard, it showcased its power over the last three decades. These platforms have capacity of engulfing Radio/ Newspaper/ TV all at one go. They are massive in size by the way are created. Available 24/7 and isn’t depended on one major player.

Everyone is a creator, everyone consumes. Big TV, Radio broadcasters, Newspaper dailies suddenly found themselves in the back seat and saw the world take over. Their all-time loyal audiences were now planning, scripting, and producing contents. Thanks to smartphones!

Someone, somewhere with minimal set up was broadcasting live sports online. A guy with minimum knowledge on iOS/ android coding and design, created Flappy Bird and made the world hooked.

Advertising shift from Traditional to Digital was awaiting all this time. Creative solutions & big ideas finally considered taking digital into account. What can be done digital? How can we tell the story without sounding like advertisement? Became burning questions for brands and agencies alike.

It took us a good one decade to have enough campaigns all over the world to find a good standard for digital. We now regularly see amazing contents created by agencies, we talk about CPC, CTR and trackable ROIs. Creativity reflecting on data and data is directing the path for creativity. Research/ analysis becoming easier than ever for marketers and advertisers alike. Things are looking good for Digital.

Until, we hit a road bump and everything we were balancing on our heads fall apart.

Welcome to New Age Advertising. An age where traditional ways of doing things will not be very effective for long. Line between users and creators will diminish even further. Influencers will take over promotions and rise to the top. Example of Kylie Jenner rise through social needs no further repetition. Micro influencers will further push contents to customers with their niche but effective reach.

It’s time, we look at things differently

Something which requires looking away from regular brief-based solutions to rather permanent creative offering.

Along with, designing the next BIG campaign for Red Bull, advertisers can also give solution to design a mobile based game which has the potentiality to become Fortnite one day. The next “Need for Speed” on mobile can be actually owned by Ferrari and could have been launched with their premium range LaFerrari. Further establishing their brand positioning in different ways possible, for a larger audience who would engage and understand brand’s essence. These new games can be designed by a creative agency/ not the game developers. Game developers can code it all away and be in partnership with agency & client to release newer versions of the mobile game. This is applicable for most of the industries. Brands can be the owner of utility applications, games, sports hub and keep their partnership intact with agencies and developers to build up on it. Sounds like a good retainer, right?

The age of mobile presents us with scopes previously unexplored. Advertiser needs to look for opportunities beyond advertising solutions. 1+1 doesn’t make only 2 or 11 anymore (think outside of the box eh?). It also gives idea about a company whose pursuit for better technology is shaking the likes of Apple, Samsung, Huawei.

Traditional outlook towards providing creative solution is not only enough when it comes to digital. It is much broader than all of our current understanding. Digital is always evolving; few algorithms have already changed since the time you started reading this article. Before we get stagnant on the thought of what to do next, we should focus on what’s working in larger global culture.

If a scope doesn’t fall under services generally provided by advertising, question should be asked right away, can it? If so, then, how?

Before it’s too late, it’s time we reflect on ourselves a little differently and look for newer possibilities. In no time, it’ll be the New Beginning of Advertising.

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