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Today, several dedicated companies are looking to step into the big technological revolution with Internet of Things (IoT). IOT platforms can help organizations to reduce cost by improved process efficiency, asset, and productivity. But only a few can understand the use of this technology, its applications, and unlock its full potential to make business processes faster, automated and customer-centric. EBSL is among those, which emerged in 2003 with a vision to create more opportunities for people, businesses and industries. The company’s ability to work in unison with customers to help them quickly adapt to cutting-edge technology solutions is one of the biggest strengths of the company.

The company brings IoT to businesses with its comprehensive range of mobile, tracking, sensing, RFID solutions, and SMS Services as well as the choices of applicable devices. The company was among the first to implement RFID and remote sensing technologies to civil industries which had only concentrated in the defense sector.  The company had to overcome two crucial challenges in the initial implementation: a) Innovative use of the technology; b) market readiness in adopting new technology.

In order to overcome such challenges and maximize the usage of RFID and remote sensing technologies in every sector, the company aimed to elevate the use of RFID technology to a new level. It brought together a wide variety of RFID tags for asset tracking across different industries and applications. It worked with clients like Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to upgrade automatic baggage handling with automated baggage reconciliation. It provided an RFID device, which is a set of bespoke-design RFID reader and antenna to accurately identify, record and verify every baggage is loaded properly into the target flight and sending out alerts in case of mismatches.

Being a technology-oriented company; EBSL has always focused to upgrade itself with the integration of modern tools and software. It manages complex ecosystems which include, sensing devices, gateways/ readers, communication networks, cloud/server infrastructure, and industry-specific applications. The company is experienced, and importantly considers future use –cases of IoT to drive new improvements for clients. It has expanded to all sectors including transportation, facility management, construction, healthcare, and others.

EBSL’s business innovation with the integration of modern tools and techniques focuses on creating new and consistent business values for its customers. Johnson Yim, CEO, EBSL says, “The innovations are practical that can be deployed to real-life daily operations.” He cites the real example of these innovations in the airport passenger baggage handling systems. The invention of these solutions supports daily operation at the Hong Kong International Airport and enhanced baggage handling productivity.

Moreover, EBSL identifies the Facility Management industry as the next success of IoT applications. The EBSL IoT Zenzi Platform combines both Mobile and IoT technology to revolutionize the industry with fast responses, transparent workflows, optimized resources, and enhanced service levels. The all-in-one package of Zenzi platform including system connectivity, sensors, and gateways, management platforms, applications, and analytics helps to monitor environmental conditions, provide automation, and allows sending alerts and notification to take immediate action. It’s the key application when managements are relying on big data for business intelligence, or manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 to achieve production excellence.

EBSL, carrying more than 15 years of experience, proves itself to be unique because of its wide range of innovative business solutions, and core values. This helps the company to earn customers’ trust and to become a customer-centric company. Yim says, “The core values of EBSL – Innovation, Professional and Quality, and the Walk-the-Talk practices have earned high regard from customers. It won’t be surprised to find 10+ year customer relationships in the EBSL customer portfolio”.

Moving forward, the company plans to focus on bringing more innovative solutions in the coming years. EBSL plans to remain committed to create “Smarter World for Better Living”. It has a clear roadmap to meet the high-quality requirements of Hong-Kong industries. Yim concludes, “The next step – leverage the Great Bay Area and One Belt One Road national strategies, EBSL IoT solutions shall take off to the international markets.”


EBSL brought together a wide variety of RFID tags for asset tracking across different industries and applications.

EBSL’s business innovation with the integration of modern tools and techniques focuses on creating new and consistent business values for its customers.


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