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Metanet Tplatform is recognized as the sole cloud-based MSP in Korea that delivers ‘end-to-end hybrid cloud’ solutions. It is now receiving attention as an emerging powerhouse in Asia’s cloud market.

Metanet Tplatform builds On-premise, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud systematically and precisely, and creates a ‘Hybrid Cloud’ environment by integrating them. In particular, it builds an end-to-end cloud environment by providing differentiated migration services across all areas of data and applications. The company has been reinforcing all-encompassing capability for modernization of infrastructure toward IaaS, data modernization, and application modernization as the cloud is the core part for customers’ digital transformation, and eventually for their business modernization.

“Whereas many companies in Korea can build individual components of cloud, Metanet Tplatform is the only cloud MSP in the country that can integrate all of these components leveraging its end-to-end service capabilities,” affirms Lee Konjon, CEO of Metanet Tplatform.

 “Top Cloud Company in Asia by 2023”

Metanet Tplatform envisions growing into the ‘top cloud company in Asia by 2023’. While the majority of cloud MSPs approach infrastructure and applications separately, the cloud starts from an application perspective. It is essential to approach migration towards IaaS based on application, and projects can successfully be implemented when customers’ understanding of business processes is added to it.

The company is now poised to expand its business into the Asia Pacific region. In order to achieve this, it has recently opened its regional headquarters in Singapore targeting the Asia Pacific market and is rapidly growing its Global Delivery Center (GDC). The GDC is envisioned as a cloud migration factory that comprises infrastructure, data, and applications for clients, as well as . Metanet Group’s expanding SaaS applications portfolio.

Evolving Services to Suit Market Trends

Metanet Tplatform comprehensively provides infrastructure, cloud and security solutions for the digital transformation of customers. Leveraging know-how in building data centers and infrastructure, as well as experiences in implementing large-scale information technology outsourcing (ITO) projects over 20+ years, it offers end-to-end services across the entire cloud value chain, enabling clients to build and implement optimal environment regardless of their current stage in their journey of migrating to cloud.

In addition, the company supports clients to enable them to experience safe cloud and network performance by providing service in entire cybersecurity areas, including cybersecurity platform, 24×7 security control service, and global security solution.

Metanet Tplatform is a cloud-specialized company that provides optimal solutions reflecting clients’ business nature based on its deep understanding of their industries. It has established extensive alliances with multiple vendors including Microsoft, IBM, Redhat, Dell EMC, VMware, and CISCO in wide areas ranging from cloud to infrastructure and security. Today, Metanet Tplatform’s clients exceed 1,000 leading companies in manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, and media segments, including 100% of the top 100 enterprises in aggregate market price in Korea. And its sales in cloud business grew by over 500% during the recent three years.

Metanet Tplatform was selected as public cloud MSP of eBay Korea, the nation’s largest e-commerce corporation that operates Gmarket, Auction, and G9. Metanet Tplatform is currently implementing the third datacenter on Microsoft Azure, which allows the independent operation with the current two on-prem data centers. Furthermore, Metanet Tplatform also provides technical support services such as VM migration and Big Data.

As the largest IT service provider in Korea, Metanet Tplatform has been successfully growing based on robust trust and understanding of clients. With the accumulation of knowledge and experiences, over two decades, by a company represents its capability to collaborate with other companies for any business and expertise that can be trusted. Particularly, the organic and strategic collaboration system between affiliates of Metanet Group for the digital transformation of clients served as a basis for enhancing the trust of many companies.

Together with Metanet Global that acquired Accenture Korea, Metanet Tplatform is providing consulting services to help clients implement failure-free cloud, and especially it significantly satisfied leading enterprises by offering consulting services for cloud roadmap. It also provides the best cloud experience to clients by working together in the data cloud sphere with En-core, a top data company in Korea with 150 employees including 120 data scientists. The fact that it has a large group of top-level IT engineers, including infrastructure experts with over 20 years of experience and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) is also a unique differentiator of Metanet Tplatform. 

The Massively Experienced Team

The management team of Metanet Tplatform consists of veterans who had previously served at global technology enterprises in their respective segments, such as IBM, CISCO, and Dell. Among others, Lee Konjon, CEO of the company, is a widely recognized cloud veteran with experiences in IT for 29 years who signed deals of over $1billion at IBM’s Strategic Outsourcing unit and led cloud business at IBM as a director. The company boasts of high-level expertise with specialists in cloud, data, and security areas accounting for 80% of entire employees. With a commitment to providing the best cloud service as an end-to-end hybrid cloud integrator for the digital transformation of clients, Metanet Tplatform adheres to dedication to clients, trust, excellence, innovation, and diversity as the corporate core values.

The prominent company has obtained major cases from the financial industry where security and stability were important. Lately, it has consecutively received orders for tens of billions of won-worth projects from clients in distribution and media segments. The bounce rate of clients who experienced end-to-end hybrid cloud service of Metanet Tplatform is nearly zero. The company is carrying out a variety of cloud projects that can be called as ‘Korea Firsts’. 

For instance, a manufacturing and distribution firm in Korea, for the first time in the country has completed the migration of 100% of its enterprise systems in an on-premise data center including the enterprise resources planning (ERP) system to Microsoft Azure-based cloud. A securities firm and an insurance company, integrated market price analysis systems that are needed for high-performance computing (HPC) and IFRS17 infrastructure into the cloud. “Thanks to the successful integration of these systems, the company is flooded with inquiries from the relevant financial industry,” asserts Lee Konjon.


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