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The modern world is well aware of how costly breaches and leaks are because most of today’s activities revolve around data. So, high-security measures are vital for activities in banks, courts, military bases, government offices, corporate offices, elections, and high-profile programs. When higher-ups in organizations implement identity management systems, they take a step towards realizing better accountability, a safer and secure environment.

Today, using biometric technology is the norm for recording identity. This technology is a superior way to manage identity compared to paper-based methods because of its greater speed, accuracy, and ease of use. It’s instrumental in investigations for criminal identification, tackling frauds/thefts and it also carries a practical advantage in disaster response.

Within the biometric service providers on the market now, one of the most innovative and promising is Innovatrics. Its story begins in 2004 when Jan Lunter entered a worldwide fingerprint algorithm competition and won. Fueled by this success and support from his university, he established the headquarters of Innovatrics (a portmanteau of ‘innovation’ and ‘biometric’) in Bratislava.

Jan says, “Since then, Innovatrics has focused on the development of its award-winning fingerprint recognition technology – one of the fastest and most accurate in the world, certified by NIST. Over the years, it added face and iris recognition features for government, law enforcement, and enterprise use cases.”

From the start, the independent vendor of biometric solutions was chosen by governments of countries like India, Peru, Uganda, kingdom of Jordan, Thailand, and Brazil for citizen-identity projects. In catering to large-scale projects, Innovatrics and nations have mutually benefitted. As governments were able to efficiently record millions of identities, Innovatrics fine-tuned its solutions -finding more efficient ways to address customers’ pain points. Jan updates, “Now, we are 110 people strong with our own research and development team continuously innovating and delivering the most advanced multimodal biometric solutions.”

Jan explains the company’s offerings, “Our Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) helps prevent frauds of different types – from election frauds to border control checks to government identity management for both verification and criminal purposes. Our SmartFace solution helps with searching in video streams for individuals that are on watch lists and alerts security personnel or law enforcement. Our Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT) helps organizations fulfill Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements of anti-money laundering legislation quickly and seamlessly. Specifically, it is able to scan and read IDs, compare live selfie with the ID photo. It is also able to perform a liveness check to further prevent spoofing during the digital on boarding process.”

Products like DOT and SmartFace are packed with innovative capabilities such as field scanners, real-time facial recognition and the ability to read photographs under varying light conditions. These help customers save valuable resources in time-sensitive ventures. Its customizability, scalability, specificity and a high degree of modularity makes it a popular and wise choice for customers who might not have a sound understanding of biometrics but need it vitally. Unlike black box solutions, these products adapt well to diverse environments in various fields.

Another reason why its customers are very satisfied is its strong customer support. Innovatrics goes the extra mile to guide customers in every way possible through remote and 24/7 online teams. “The combination of our top-ranked technology and customer-centered approach is perceived by clients as a significant advantage when compared with other companies”, Jan explains.

The company constantly tries to push the frontiers in innovation. Its employees work to raise the standards in service excellence even higher. In particular, its R&D teams work fervently with technologies (like AI, deep learning and image recognition) to create more advanced algorithms and enhance precision, efficiency, scope, and range. Jan explains, “The majority of our company consists of R&D, talented software engineers and business consultants who help our customers optimize our technologies.”

Its solutions have been deployed in over 80 countries so far. It is an active agent of progress facilitating widespread digital transformation. It’s constantly ranked at the top by the prestigious tech authority, National Institute of Standards and Technology, in various evaluations like FRVT, FpVTE, PFT II and MINEX III and has won a long list of awards because of its fast, accurate, flexible and affordable biometric solutions. And according to the recently released NIST Ongoing FRVT results, Innovatrics face recognition algorithm zoomed to number one in the wild face category, besting more than a hundred submissions worldwide.

Today, Innovatrics is steering a positive trend in encouraging large organizations to be more secure with well-balanced technology. Now, it plans to remain the top biometric solution provider in the world. Jan concludes, “We know that in the future, we need to go beyond fingerprint, face and iris modalities. Enhancement of other modalities, together with behavior algorithms powered by AI and deep neural networks could be utilized in addition to existing and established modalities to provide truly seamless and hassle-free biometric-based identity management solutions.”


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