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In the business world, digital transformation has become a major key to success. Adding digital services to an organization’s process can save valuable time and money and helps in reinvent processes, improve quality, and promote consistency. In the business process automation, 70% of the effort and money is spent on building the automation platform and 30% is spent on automating the actual business processes. Taking this into consideration a leading digital transformation company Entoss Technologies is helping enterprises to save that 70% with its iBPaas (Intelligent Business Process as a Service) platform of ready-to-use automated business processes with intelligence.

Today, every business needs to digitally transform their organization to compete in the market. Such transformation relies on a technological platform to become efficient, flexible, and intelligent, but building such a platform is complex, expensive, and needs expertise. For small and even mid-sized businesses, this is almost an impossible task who need it the most to grow. Entoss Pomfret offers key digital transformation technologies in one platform for businesses to succeed in digital transformation. The customers can become efficient and effective immediately as they can start using standardized ready-to-use automated business processes from day one without the need for an expert team.

The company’s document management solution brings paperless offices. Data is collected and secured as valuable assets. It is presented for better visibility. As the compliance and data-driven decisions are in automated business processes, it is all affordable as the customers can pay per usage.

Astounding Services and Solutions

The key challenge today is managing complexity in the digital world. Entoss Pomfret leverages the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning to deliver end-to-end automated business processes with intelligent decisions. For instance, the company is working with a micro-financing company to automate its loan application process. Data is extracted from loan supporting documents such as name, IC number, and address from identity card, designation, and net salary from payslip, for ease of data entry and verification. Also a self-learning machine model for approval decision – a model learns from human approval made earlier by observing key features – income, commitment, credit score, bankrupt status, and so on. All these components are seamlessly integrated to deliver the intelligent automated loan application process.

The main objective of Entoss Pomfret is to make the latest technologies affordable and useful to businesses in the form of end-to-end automated business processes on demand. Anthony Joseph Kitherian X, CEO of the company, “Our customers need not know about AI/ML and where to apply as these technologies are instilled in the automated processes. The platform is designed for scalability and agility using cloud-native solutions to offer pay per business process transaction.”

The company’s Digital Transformation Lab (DXL) flagship professional services are well received by legacy enterprises as the first step towards the digital transformation journey. It is a joint workshop between Entoss professionals and customer key stakeholders to discover inhibitions and inefficiencies, planning actions to improve upon them and finding out new ways of creating value to end customers using DX Blueprint – our framework for successful digital transformation.

Entoss Technologies recently conducted DXL with one of the shipping agencies—traditional enterprise providing services of loading and discharge of cargo vessels. There are around 80 documents exchanged between principals, master (vessel captain), shipping agency, port systems, customs systems, and consignees which make the operation complex. The workshop discovered various inefficiencies in operation, the lack of visibility of key performance metrics which leads to the high cost and port penalties. After the workshop, the team decided to automate the complete workflow – vessel loading to discharge along with monitoring key voyage data and dates. Since it was proposed by the team, the entire organization adapted to the new automated solution.

“The advantage of doing such professional service with Entoss is that we have experienced and qualified consultants who make the learning fun and insightful. They engage the team with tools and techniques for them to discover the issues and solutions,” asserts Kitherian.

Helping Clients Adapt and Overcome the Industry Challenges

Entoss Technologies have diverse customers with different needs from various industries. One of its clients who manufacture and export T-shirts faced a problem to repeat the same quality of the first order when their satisfied customers give repeat orders. With the company’s Pomfret order to cash automated process, the client was able to tag the suppliers of services and raw materials of specific T-shirt productions and engages the same set of suppliers for repeat orders.

Another client from the food & beverage industry was facing a problem of goods returns due to expired items. By analyzing the longevity of the products and sales cycle of their customers, the automation takes care of selecting the optimum set of product mix with more suitable expiry dates to reduce the loss of goods returns.

“Our management and employees work for one slogan ‘Automation Simplified’. We want to make automation simple, flexible, and affordable,” says Kitherian. “We connect with our customers and prospects through social media groups and evangelize the fact that “business process automation made easy and affordable for everyone”.

He goes on to say, “We engage them to participate in forums to bring out the pain points, issues which inhibit them from growing, and then we co-create the automation by working with them.”

Continuing to Grow in the Future

Entoss Technologies looks forward to focusing on leveraging Blockchain technologies for smart contract base inter-company business transactions and IoT for data-driven decision making and visualization on our iBPaaS platform. The company aims to expand its business in Malaysia and the Middle East countries.

“We envision that all enterprises in the world regardless of their size use Entoss Pomfret for at least one ready-to-use automated business process or a custom business process automation. We are working on adding more standardized end-to-end value-added business processes on the iBPaaS platform,” affirms Kitherian.


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