Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2020


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With each passing year, digital marketing continues to consolidate itself as one of the most efficient tools to attract consumers and expand the reach of a brand. The success of internet-oriented strategies attracts companies of all sizes, which makes the gear of novelties in this niche spin faster and faster.

This year also promises a lot in terms of online marketing and the trends in digital marketing in 2020 are already visible. To be successful in 2020, you need to know more than what you knew in 2019. After all, digital marketing is gaining more and more space in the modern world and its impact on the forms of the brands to engage with your target audience as well. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on this constantly changing environment, in order to be able to identify new trends, changes in behavior and the emergence of new technologies. That is why it is good to prepare as soon as possible to explore the new technologies that are emerging and adopt the most recommended practices for dealing with the current public. 

Here is a little taste of what digital marketing will look like in 2020

Significant increase in voice searches – in the area of search marketing, one of the trends in digital marketing in 2020 that is worth highlighting is the increase in voice searches, either on Google’s own search platform or in applications such as Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri.

According to a survey conducted by ComScore, in 2020, not less than 50% of searches will be done by voice, which significantly impacts how brands should work on their search engine optimization process. Voice searches have a very different semantic structure from searches typed on desktops and smartphones. So it is necessary to adapt your SEO strategy for this type of search, so as not to lose this internet traffic.

SEO gains more and more prominence in strategies – One of the most important trends in digital marketing in 2020, which has got a greater appreciation of the work, is SEO- website optimization for search engines. It is responsible for the organic exposure of a brand on the response pages of major search engines such as Google and Bing.

In times of rising media costs, organic exposure is much prominent among digital marketing strategies, as in addition to reducing costs with paid media; organic search traffic is extremely qualified. SEO techniques are improving rapidly, as updates to Google’s algorithms become more and more frequent, seeking to adapt to new consumer habits and new technologies that are emerging every day.

Another trend for 2020 is the increasing use of sophisticated SEO tools, such as semRush, which help in the process of searching for more relevant keywords and monitoring positions in the search engine. 

More and more investment in Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence is likely to stay here. Today, the technology is already applied to resources such as chatbots, virtual attendants that simulate a human and are able to learn from interactions with users. The trend is that this type of application is only the beginning of an expansion of possibilities. An example that leaves no doubt about the importance of this technology is the growth of voice searches. In 2019, the number of searches on the internet using this resource has already exceeded the mark of 1 billion per month.  It is up to companies whether to use this trend or not to expand their presence.

By optimizing marketing on services such as Waze and Google Maps, you will allow virtual assistants, such as Alexa, to find and recommend your establishment to users in nearby locations.

Growth of Google my business – Another of the digital marketing trends in 2020 that we cannot leave out of our list, will be an even greater growth of Google My Business, a movement that we already saw in 2019 and that should continue in 2020.

Google My Business is a free Google tool for the dissemination of small and medium businesses, which has become a powerful ally in the dissemination of local businesses, as it ensures a great exposure on Google Answers pages at no cost. The tool has been receiving new features almost monthly and these features are attracting more and more companies, a movement that we believe will intensify in 2020.

With the adhesion of new companies, there will also be intensification in the competition for prominent positions on the answer pages of Google and Google Maps, which will force companies to improve themselves in the optimization techniques of Google My Business.

Creating audio content – Like images, audio is also an element that has become popular in Digital Marketing, especially with regard to voice searches. However, the trend goes far beyond the mere conduct of research through speech. In search of increasingly agile and efficient experiences, users have given much attention to sound content.

The mere inclusion of a player as an alternative to reading a text makes the content more attractive to the audience, who can press play and dedicate themselves to other tasks simultaneously.

Use of digital influencers – The digital influencers has conquered their space as dissemination elements and promotion of brands in the area of social networks. Today, it is considered as one of the digital marketing trends in 2020, with the increasing use of digital influencers in online campaigns. Research shows that people take a person’s recommendations for products and services much more than those made through an advertisement or press releases. This is exactly where digital influencers come in.

This is a market that is growing rapidly all over the world at the same time it is becoming more and more professional.  Influential marketing should not be restricted to profiles with thousands of followers on social networks. One of the trends in 2020 is that micro-influencers, who have a lesser number of followers but are quite relevant in a specific niche.


To perform with excellence in the current market, more than good products and services are needed. Your company needs to know how to use the available resources in order to offer the best experiences for the consumer and enable the increase in business opportunities.

 In conclusion to this overview of digital marketing trends to watch in 2020, we will retain two things. Technology, and in particular artificial intelligence, will be a great support for marketing. The creation of original and relevant content will be the decisive and differentiating element of all these actions. Remember that behind each target, there is first a human!


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