DiGiSPICE launches a new-age startup Korero Platforms that offers communication platform-as services.


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The new platform would help enterprise users to get 20-25 percent higher ROI in their marketing campaigns and minimize the cost of engagement with clients by 30 percent. Furthermore, the firm claims that the platform will provide a safe, secure, intelligent, interactive, and reliable two-way conversation platform.

On June 7th, DiGiSPICE Technologies announced the launch of new-age startup Korero Platforms, which would offer communication platform-as-a-service (CPAAS) solutions to enterprises. This new platform would enable omnichannel, contextual exchange between future-ready businesses and their shareholders.

Korero Platforms, a subsidiary of DiGiSPICE Technologies, will also help the enterprises in their digital transformation journey by utilizing the latest AI technology to enhance the connected customer experience. It leverages DiGiSPICE’s global presence and rich experience in running technology and content-focused platforms and solutions for public and private enterprises.

Besides, Korero Platforms will leverage the existing partnerships and customer base that DiGiSPICE has while expanding into the Indian startup industry.

The new platform would help enterprise customers get 20-25 percent higher RoI in their marketing campaigns and reduce the cost of engagement with the users by 30 percent. Furthermore, the firm claims that the platform will provide a safe, secure, intelligent, interactive, and reliable two-way conversation platform. Korero Platforms insists that its AI tools will drive customer lifetime value by automating the communication flow.

Korero Platforms founder Dilip Modi said, “Businesses these days are interacting with different stakeholders, who prefer different channels of communication. Touchpoints are increasing, informal channels are growing, and consumer behaviors are evolving. Companies have to, hence, keep pace with changing communication trends while at the same time keeping their expenses in check. Through DiGiSPICE’s 20 years of experience, we identified the need for enterprise customers, upcoming startups, and next-gen marketers to drive superior customer engagement. It helps in creating an omnichannel communication platform-as-a-service offering. Besides, we have witnessed the demand and appetite for digital solutions from small businesses and startups through the success of Spice Money. Korero Platforms will not only serve new clients. However, they will also address the obligations of DiGiSPICE’s existing customer base across the world”.

“Korero Platforms was established keeping in mind the demands of the new-age user across different sectors. Our digital solutions will make communications much easy and allow seamless integration with different channels. We deliver business-critical information to end-users at competitive figures. We aim to be the most preferred communications platform partner to MSMEs, large enterprises, and startups. To help them supplement their customer’s experience through a content-rich conversational journey.” Modi added.

Korero Platforms currently offers SMS, Voice (Inbound, Outbound, TFN), E-Mail, WhatsApp (Bro business-critical, App Push No end-users, In-App Messaging, and Web Push Notifications. The AI-supported recommendation engine of Korero Platforms enables enterprises to leverage analytics. It depends on user behavior, channel preferences, and actionable insights to tailor their marketing communication campaigns.


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