CTW Logistics Corporation: Winner of Supply Chain Innovation for 2019


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The Organizer, Supply Chain Asia Community Ltd., held the Supply Chain Asia Forum 2019 from Sep. 10~11, 2019, awarded Honorary Fellows to Mr. John Huang and Supply Chain Innovation of the Year to CTW Logistics Corporation.

Honorary Fellow: Mr. John Huang, Chairman of CTW Logistics Corporation, Honorary Fellows Award Recipient is a senior veteran, recognized expert in specific sectors of the industry with at least 25 years of direct working experience and 15 years of senior management experience. Under Mr. John Huang’s leadership, CTW becomes a leading 3PL service provider in Taiwan.

Supply Chain Innovation of the Year: CTW Logistics Corporation shows its advanced innovation experience on the automation facility adoption and on the smart technology application.

The award ceremony was held on 11th Sep, 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. On the occasion, Mr. Huang said, “We are very excited to receive these two awards and we deeply appreciate the affirmation and encouragement from the Organizer, Supply Chain Asia Community Ltd.”CTW Logistics is the ONLY Taiwan 3PL company to receive the Award. Receiving the award along with other world-class logistics companies further solidified CTW’s name as a leading logistics company.

Photo taken at the award ceremony. Mr. John Huang (left) the Chairman of CTW Logistics.

More About CTW

Since the establishment in 1974, CTW has transferred its focus from container transportation to warehousing; then becoming bonded international logistics center. It is CTW’s migration to a leading logistics solution provider with a variety of service portfolios.

CTW Logistics has created many Taiwan’s FIRST records. CTW obtained Taiwan’s first “International Logistics Center”(ILC) license in 2001. It acquired the first Fire Safety Building Certificate for warehouse in 2005 and DG warehouse license to store dangerous goods in 2008. CTW hosted the IFWLA (international Federation of International Warehousing and Logistics Association) Convention in Taiwan in 2011, and build up the first largest DG ILC in Taiwan with multi-temperature control scheme in 2016 for the very first time.

The transformation of CTW Logistics is also appeared the changes on the industrial structure of the customers it serves. With the business offshore migration and the traditional industries decline, CTW Logistics has also migrated to advanced logistics service provider for semiconductors, chemicals, medical products and international branded consumer goods, and international transit business functions (international Hub operation) based on Taiwan’s geographical advantage.

Photo taken at the award ceremony. Mr. Ming Huang (left) General Manager of CTW Logistics.

Customer first and quality first are CTW’s core principles

The Logi-Intelligence service platform has been developed by CTW to realize the concept of “supply chain control tower” to enhance the efficiency of the international business and multi-angle trading operation. It optimizes the import-and-export operation, integrates customer instructions and supplier process status into one page, and provides smart, transparent, easy-tracking and import-and-export performance analysis. Since its launch, it has greatly improved the service satisfaction and supply chain visibility that has won higher trust of global customers.

CTW’s warehouse has implemented German Dematic ASRS in 2000 with automation solution. CTW worked as a System Integrator to develop the automation packaging system by using collaborative robot with 3D visual identification in 2018. National Geographic “Inside: Super Aerotropolis” interviewed CTW and broadcasted this innovation globally in the TV program. This experience has brought CTW Logistics more confidence in moving towards logistics innovation. Innovation and adaption to new technology is one of the strategies for CTW’s development in next decades. 

In order to improve the management efficiency of CTW’s and CTW venders’ fleets, and the quality of transportation services, CTW Logistics has developed a Transportation Management System (TMS), not only to establish a complete comprehension transportation record in order to improve transportation efficiency and result in more green and environmental-friendly operation, but also streamline billing operation through systemization. In addition, the Dock Door Management System, with reservation function and a visual optimization system, enhances the warehouse loading and unloading operation efficiency and smooths the in and out vehicle flows.

Apart from the logistic business, CTW Educational Foundation, founded in 1998, keeps its mission to devote in public welfare for the local neighboring communities and Taiwanese society. Echoing CTW’s business philosophy: Repay the society; Repay the earth. Care for humanity; Care for peace, CTW Educational Foundation acts to express the appreciation for our home land.

For the Award details, please see the web link below: 








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