Top 10 cryptocurrency companies to watch out in 2020


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After a completely euphoric end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market entered a prolonged bear market at the start of 2018. This long bearish period was an opportunity for investors to test their faith in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So, some of them announced the end of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some companies continued to have faith in cryptocurrencies by showcasing their patience. While in May 2019, the market again got its popularity in a new bullish cycle. And, there was a tremendous growth that began to affect the economic activity of certain countries.

If you are still not aware of cryptocurrency companies, now is the time to get started because their future looks bright. Let’s take a look at the most promising cryptocurrency companies in 2020, with market leaders who are likely to shake up the deal!

  • Blockchain (63.6M Euro)

Founders – Peter Smith, Nicolas Cary, and Ben Revees

Blockchain is a web platform that aims to help businesses and individuals access an efficient, simplified and secure way to obtain and use cryptocurrencies. This web-based platform based in England has received support from world-renowned cryptocurrency investors such as Google Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. 

  • Bitwala (6.4M Euro)

Founders – Jorg von Minkwitz and Benjamin Jones

At first, Bitwala started with a single mission: to create a disruption in the traditional banking sector. This disruption would lead to the possible creation of a single account which would ultimately lead to a smooth transition from the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds. Located in Berlin, Bitwala provides its customers with a formal bank account that come with a built-in bitcoin wallet for secure coin storage and a debit card to perform the daily banking transactions.

  • SETL (36.4M Euro)

Founder – Peter Randall

SETL with headquarter in London was developed as an initiative that would lead to the deployment of multi-currency, multi-asset settlement, and institutional payment platform that was solely based on blockchain technology. In addition, the SETL system enabled the participants in the crypto market to move assets and cash directly to each other. Moreover, it also maintains the final settlement of all market transactions such as transaction records, custody, registration, and simplifying the process of matching.

  • Bitstamp (11.3M Euro)

Founders – Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlak

Bitstamp works as an online commercial center where crypto lovers around the globe can without much of a stretch purchase and offload their Bitcoin holdings. With primary headquarter in London; the organization has its extra offices in different urban communities, for example, California, Berkeley and Luxembourg.

  • Luno Money (12.7M Euro)

Founders – Carel van Wyk, Timothy Stranex, Pieter Heyns and Marcus Swanepoel

Founded in 2014, Luno Money has just begun to gain a foothold in the cryptocurrency world. Luno is one of the few cryptocurrency companies that provide products and services aimed at making it secure, simpler and progressively convenient for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to purchase, store and gain meaningful insights about cryptocurrencies. The company has announced that in 2020 it will publish about its vision on how it plans to modernize the world to start using a better and more reliable financial framework system throughout the world.

  • Gem (19.1M Euro)

Founder – Micah Winkelspecht

Gem was introduced to make cryptocurrency accessible to people from all walks of life from all over the world. Based in Venice, the company’s mission is to facilitate crypto holders and amateurs to invest in various cryptocurrencies. This app provides cryptographic money holders with a single entry point that they can use to track their digital assets and their actual worth. Plus, it likewise offers its customers an organized discovery of decentralized applications and new tokens. Moreover, this application guarantees that all of its customers are associated with the wider cryptocurrency community forever using a secure universal wallet. The portfolio is going to launch in early 2020.

  • Bitfury Group (155M Euro)

Founders – Valery Vavilov and Valery Newspaper seller

Bitfury drives the cryptocurrency market as a full-service blockchain and technology organization. Launched in 2011 with headquarter in Amsterdam, the company has become a market leader in the development of infrastructure and security for the BTC blockchain. Furthermore, Bitfury is additionally engaged in the design and production of innovative hardware solutions aimed at securing blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies. The company announced that by 2020 it will announce its vision of how to upgrade the world and start utilizing a superior and more reliable budgetary framework.

  • Breadwallet (5.8M Euro)

Founders – Adam Traidman and Aaron Voisine

Located in Zurich, Bread Wallet manages cryptographic money wallets that can be utilized to store send and receive digital money. Likewise, you can utilize your wallet anytime and anyplace with no sign-up, log in or submission of personal data. Since its launch, it has a growing subscriber base of over 1.7 million users in more than 2.5 countries. So far, the company has been able to protect more than $ 650 million in crypto form. 

  • Ledger (72.7M Euro)

Founders – Thomas France, Eric Larcheveque, and Joel Pobeda

Founded in 2015, Ledger, a cryptocurrency company that deals with the development of blockchain applications and cryptocurrency infrastructure and security solutions. Based in Paris, the organization comprises of a group of 170 experts who develop a variety of products and services to shield cryptocurrency assets for individuals and companies. At the beginning of 2019, the company introduced a new cryptographic hardware wallet called Nano X. In addition, the platform has a mobile application called Ledger Live, which allows clients to safely manage their crypto assets while keeping the private keys secured offline.

  • Elliptic (6.4M Euro)

Founders – Tom Robinson, James Smith, Adam Joyce

Elliptic is a platform that deals mainly with the identification of illegal activities taking place on the Bitcoin blockchain. Elliptic empowers Cryptocurrency exchanges, major financial institutions, and government organizations through their anti-money laundering (AML) compliance software and other forensic and investigative services to analyze million-dollar transactions each month. Once such activities have been identified, the company provides actionable information that can be used to mitigate risks associated with Bitcoin trading Headquartered in London, the main purpose of the platform is to increase the accountability and transparency of crypto-related transactions.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least many of the cryptocurrency companies have unveiled their big plans for the year 2020.  From the above-listed companies, some are trying to introduce new products and projects, while others are looking for ways to strengthen the way they do business and expand their horizons geographically. However, what is very clear is 2020 will see a huge increase in the number of cryptocurrency users, as well as many startups, who are looking for innovative ways to transform the crypto market.


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