China’s ByteDance Partners with Broadcom for Advanced AI Chip Development


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China’s ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, has joined forces with U.S. chip designer Broadcom to create an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) processor. This strategic partnership aims to secure a reliable supply of high-end chips for ByteDance, especially amidst escalating U.S.-China tensions. By collaborating with Broadcom, ByteDance seeks to navigate the complexities of international trade regulations and maintain its competitive edge in the tech industry.

China’s ByteDance is a Chinese multinational internet technology company best known for its viral social media platform, TikTok. Besides TikTok, ByteDance operates a plethora of popular apps, including Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, and Doubao, a ChatGPT-like chatbot service.

Broadcom Inc. is an American designer, developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. With a strong foothold in the semiconductor industry, Broadcom provides innovative solutions for data centers, networking, and broadband communications.

The 5 Nanometer Chip: An Application-Specific Integrated Chip (ASIC)

China’s ByteDance and Broadcom are collaborating on a cutting-edge 5-nanometer chip designed as an application-specific integrated chip (ASIC). This custom chip is engineered to comply with U.S. export restrictions, ensuring that it meets all necessary regulations. To bring this advanced technology to fruition, the manufacturing process will be outsourced to Taiwan’s renowned Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). 

This collaboration signifies a major development in the tech industry, particularly in light of the stringent export controls imposed by Washington in 2022. The partnership highlights the innovative strides being made in semiconductor technology, underscoring the strategic measures companies must take to navigate international trade regulations and geopolitical tensions.

Export Controls and Chip Development

Since 2022, there have been no publicly announced collaborations between Chinese and U.S. companies for developing chips involving 5 nm or more advanced technology. This development is primarily due to stringent export controls implemented by Washington, aimed at restricting the transfer of cutting-edge semiconductor technology. These measures have had a significant impact on the sector, limiting the ability of Chinese firms to access advanced chip manufacturing capabilities and collaborate with U.S. companies on state-of-the-art semiconductor projects. The controls are part of a broader strategy to maintain technological advantages and address national security concerns.

Cost Efficiency and Stable Supply

China’s ByteDance’s partnership with Broadcom aims to reduce procurement costs and ensure a stable supply of higher-end chips. This collaboration is significant as it helps ByteDance secure the necessary hardware for its advanced technologies while managing expenses more effectively. Given the importance of maintaining a steady flow of these critical components, the partnership with Broadcom, an established player in the semiconductor industry, is a strategic move for ByteDance.

The sensitivity of semiconductor issues in China necessitates confidentiality regarding the sources. Due to the complex geopolitical environment and stringent regulations surrounding technology and trade, both companies are likely to exercise caution in disclosing detailed information about their collaboration. 

Manufacturing Timeline

While design work on the new chip is progressing well, TSMC is not expected to start manufacturing it this year. The critical “tapeout” phase, which signifies the transition from design to manufacturing, has not yet begun. This phase is essential for finalizing the chip design and preparing it for production. Until this step is completed, manufacturing cannot commence, highlighting the ongoing developmental stages before the chip reaches mass production.

Silence from ByteDance, Broadcom, and TSMC

Both ByteDance and Broadcom have chosen to remain silent regarding their collaboration on the advanced AI chip project. Despite inquiries, neither company provided comments or additional details about their partnership. Similarly, TSMC, a key player in semiconductor manufacturing, has also refrained from making any official statements about the project.

AI Chip Challenges

AI Chip Development

China’s ByteDance faces limited availability of AI chips compared to its global counterparts. U.S. export controls prevent access to Nvidia’s advanced chipsets, significantly hindering AI breakthroughs in China.

China’s ByteDance’s Existing Partnership with Broadcom

ByteDance and Broadcom have been business partners since at least 2022. The Chinese company had previously acquired Broadcom’s Tomahawk 5nm high-performance switch chip and Bailly switches for AI computer clusters. Securing AI chips is critical for ByteDance to improve its algorithms. 

Stockpiling Nvidia Chips

China’s ByteDance has stockpiled Nvidia chips, including the A100, H100, A800, and H800. These purchases were made before U.S. sanctions and restrictions. ByteDance also acquired Huawei’s Ascend 910B chips last year.

Job Openings and Talent Acquisition

China’s ByteDance currently has numerous semiconductor-related job openings, including 15 positions for ASIC chip designers. The company is actively recruiting top talent from other Chinese AI chip firms.

ByteDance’s collaboration with Broadcom represents a significant step toward securing advanced AI chips. As the global tech landscape evolves, these partnerships are essential for staying competitive and driving innovation.


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