Cadi Scientific: A New Hand Hygiene Monitoring System for Better Healthcare


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Hand hygiene is widely considered to be the single most important way of reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs), as HAIs are mostly spread through direct contact by hands of healthcare workers. Studies have shown that adequate hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent HAIs. The Hand Hygiene Guidelines of WHO for health care workers recommends to improve hand hygiene practices and reduce transmission of pathogenic microorganisms to patients and HCWs.

Cadi Scientific, a Singapore based company, is coming up with new Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring and Contact Tracing system that is enabling a significant improvement in hand hygiene compliance and control of infectious diseases in hospitals. This new solution also improves the workflow and productivity in hospitals.

Cadi entered into the market of healthcare solution in 2003 with a flagship product called ThermoSensor, which is a small disc-like wearable sensor that automatically measures a patient’s temperature and tracked the patient’s location round the clock. The system evolved to become a full fledge healthcare IOT system to keep patients safe, and now widely used in Singapore hospitals today.

New Solution for Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

The Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring and Contact Tracing solution of Cadi has been tested successfully and hospitals in Singapore are already implementing it for better healthcare service. Using wearable tag, this system automatically reminds staff to comply with hand hygiene moments, records opportunities and compliances of hand hygiene moments, and generates hand hygiene compliance reports.  For contact tracing, the system captures the episodes of staff/patient contacts for the purpose of rapid and effective quarantine actions, especially when the contagious disease starts to spread in a hospital. The system also has features that help workers to avoid unintentional compliance errors. Dr. Goh Zenton, CEO of the company explains, “Cadi has just released an add-on feature to the Smart Tag for staff that is used for highly precise proximity contact tracing, based on patented algorithm. SmartSense carefully designed to aptly remind caregivers and automatically monitor compliance to improve hand hygiene compliance rates for hospitals.” All information is captured and can be retrieved for real-time reporting and further analysis. Although, this system is currently available only for Singapore hospitals; Cadi is working to make it available for its international customers in the second half of 2019.

Committed to Provide Solutions that Make People’s Lives Better

Cadi was started in 2003 by four co-founders—Mr. Neo Sian Sheng, Mr. Ng Hon Cheong, Dr. Lim Soh Min, and Dr. Goh Zenton—with the purpose to create technological solutions for the then existing problems in healthcare. It has evolved since then and expanded its capabilities to provide many solutions that improve people’s lives.

Since its inception, the company has been at the leading edge of providing advanced medical technology solutions which have been received very well in the market and awarded on multiple occasions. Much of the big hospitals in Singapore are employing solutions from Cadi which are now rapidly spreading to other countries as well.

Solutions that Enhance Patient Care and Improve Productivity

Cadi provides diverse digital solutions to help hospitals improve productivity and quality care, by automating and simplifying their workflows and processes, utilizing technologies such as wireless sensing, tracking, and matching.

Infant Safety Monitoring: With Cadi’s patented technology, SmartTags, hospital are tracking newborn babies to ensure that each baby is brought to the right mother, and to prevent unauthorized exit from the hospital. This technology is deployed in 95% of maternity wards in Singapore’s hospitals. Beyond Singapore, Cadi’s Infant Safety solution is gaining popularity in other countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

Intelligent Bed Management: Cadi’s Intelligent Bed Management enables hospitals to allocate beds to patients efficiently using hundreds of rules built into the system, and automated patient tracking.  Using SmartTag, all the patients’ locations in real-time and bed management become much efficient and turnaround time become much faster. Hospitals can minimize the downtime of bed through this system of management. The system has received multiples award and is used on a hospital-wide scale in Singapore hospitals.

Automated Asset Tracking: A natural extension of tracking patients is assets tracking. Cadi’s SmartSense Asset Tracking system tracks equipment that improves equipment utilization and enhances asset maintenance process.

With a strong commitment to deliver quality service and solution to customers for better healthcare, Cadi continues to be a dominant force in advanced technology solutions for healthcare gaining more trust and winning more projects in Asia and beyond. The innovative and valuable works of Cadi have been significant for the healthcare community and it continues to embark on a more promising journey.


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