Bluefield Renewable Energy Pte.Ltd: Helping Businesses to ReimagineWastes as Valuable Assets


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Carson Tang, MD and Executive Director, Bluefield Renewable Energy PTE.LTD

Why the Conventional Waste Management Model Fails

Globally, waste disposal and management solutions arefairly limitedtoday with incineration and landfills being the most commonly used methods. Incineration is now largely favoured due to the shortage of land that can be used for landfills in many countries.

Both of these methods come with their own set of issues. Incineration is basically the burning of waste which emits toxic gases and particles into the atmosphere as well as pollutes the ground with leachate when not handled properly. This is true especially for landfills that are not properly lined with impermeable membranes to shield the waste and the leachate from seeping into the ground water table.

Wastetransportationis also a common problem that many waste management companies must contend with. Landfills and incineration plants are usually located at great distances away from the cities and populations. This is proving to be an expensivelogistics cost and becoming impractical as the distances increase.

Green Waste-to-energy (GWtE)technology, on the other hand, generates clean energy from the treatment of all sorts of wastes such as municipal solid wastes (MSW), wood, plastic, clothes, food, medical, lubricants, oil sludge, horticultural wastes and so on. It’s a practical approach to solve our cities’ burgeoning and disease-spreading wastes, at the same timeit can supply sufficient power for our everyday needs in an eco-friendly and affordable way. Adopting such sustainable alternatives can also reduce our dependency on the commonly used fossil fuels that only offer short-term benefits.

Presenting GreenWaste-to-Energy Technology as the Best Way to Manage Wastes

Bluefield Renewable Energy Pte. Ltd. (BRE), Singapore’s top innovator in the clean energyindustry, is ushering in a new era in waste management through its cutting-edgegreen waste-to-energy technology thatsolves all the negativities in conventional methods, with added economic benefits.With its technological roots founded upon byawell-known US defence establishment some 7 years ago, BRE has embraced and adopted this technology and build it into a viable commercial enterprise. Quintessentially, BRE has changed the traditional waste management business model paradigm to make it decentralized. Instead of transporting tons of wastes over long distances to incinerators and landfills, BRE is able to provide waste processing on site where wastes areaggregated.

BRE has also enabled electricity or power generation to be distributed.  At the point where wastes are processed, electricity can be generated and plugged into the grid to provide green energy.

Carson Tang, BRE’sManaging Directorsaid, “BRE constructs, deploys and operates thermo-chemical conversion technologies based onits unique 3-step Thermo-Disintegration Waste-to-Energy (TDWE) technology that is poised to change the world’s mindset on viewing waste as a problem, turning it instead into a valuable ‘asset’.”

Many large cities around the world, the inhabitants and the businesses have adopted a passive approach and attitude towards waste managementand this is where BRE is targeting to provide the ideal solution to the impending environmental threats posed by current waste disposal methods.

Supporting Green Energy with Professional Excellence and Integrity

BRE’s technology is based on a commercially viable business model that providesa sustainable, practical, and financially feasible solution with respect toCapEx and OpEx. Its systems are simple to use and deploy, agile, mobile and modular,enabling clients to select the most economical, suitable and cost-effective combination of components or services.Whether it is in terms of its quality of services, customer relationships or execution, delivering on its promise is critical for BRE, the company always works closely with partners and clients to mitigate problems concerning wastes.

Carson Tangsays, “This technology uses heat in a controlled environment that causes molecular vibration and resulted in bonds detachment to provide 2 outputs: Syngas and Char. We participate directly in manyaspects of the operations to assure our clients are optimizing waste streams in an environmentally-friendly way while making good economic sense”. Notwithstanding its progress, the companyis collaborating with various research institutions to develop next generation TDWE system with greater load bearing capacity that aims to address futurechallenges.

The company is led by highly-qualified experts with strong academic and professional backgrounds in the essential fields of law, finance, taxes, renewable energy, technology and business and is supported by dedicated team of ground operations staff. Together, the company is working towards its vision of building a strong legacy of helping the world, by revolutionizing the way waste is managed. Active since its inception in 2014, BRE is working closelyto serve many clients such as waste aggregators, municipals, city councils, hotels, plantations, farms, factories, resorts, hospitals and more.

Today, BRE is extending its presence and services strategically with its first project launching outside of USA, in Taiwan.Here, Carsonadds, “Taiwan welcomes green renewable energy with tax incentives, reasonable tipping fee structure to sustain the business and allow any players to sell into the grid without the need any contractual commitments”. By the end of 2019, BRE will commence manufacturing a larger capacity system witha combined capacity capable of producing up to 24 MW and a wasteprocessing capacity of nearly2,000 tons ofraw wastes per day.


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