TempusAdventus Advisory: A Technology Evangelist, Promoting Financial Inclusivity and Societal Development through Emerging Technologies


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Lina Lim, Co-Founder & Managing Director, TempusAdventus

Blockchain is a powerful technology. It offers many benefits to our financial industry such as enhanced security, instant transactions and transparency. But financial service providers cannot fully harness its potential without an adequate technical know-how. And as blockchain and financial businesses are quite complex and highly-regulated, modern service providers need expert guidance. One company that’s guiding the financial market and service providers to apply emerging technologies effectively is TempusAdventus Advisory, one of Australia’s most advanced blockchain businesses.

The company was set up in Sydney, Australia in 2016, when financial businesses started looking into emerging technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledgers, but often failed to realize positive results. The core team identified the root cause: technologists lacked an actionable understanding of how to harness emerging technologies. “We set up TempusAdventus as an intermediary between real world capital markets and blockchain and distributed ledger technologists”, says Lina Lim, the Co-Founder and Managing Director. Today, the company is well-established as a boutique strategic advisory and ventures company that promotes, educates, and delivers effective solutions within emerging technologies.

Expertise that Unlocks the Benefits of Emerging Technologies

TempusAdventus Advisory’s team are proficient and capable experts, with decades of professional experience working with global banks, investments banks, financial exchanges, FinTech technology providers like NASDAQ.

“This means we are really familiar working on large scale global and enterprise implementations, employing latest technology and putting in place transformational business process”, Lina Lim adds.

The company is an evangelist, firmly believing in technology as an empowering force, capable of solving two big challenges in our global financial system. First, our financial system is very exclusive to certain groups of people as it’s estimated that approximately 2 billion people don’t have bank accounts today. And second, most of the financial service providers are limited by the complex infrastructure of financial institutes and markets. Thus, emerging technologies can challenge limitations in these markets, open up new possibilities, promote financial inclusivity and inspire a shift. 

Orienting Modern Organizations towards Success

To guide organizations towards better technology use, the company follows a three-step strategy A.I.M. i.e. ‘Adapt. Impact. Multiply.’

Adapt: The company helps organizations transform their digital journey by helping them adapt to technologies that empower new business models and markets. For this, they work closely with organizations and key stakeholders to define their vision, to design solutions and to strategize how to realize higher business value.

Impact: They support business initiatives that positively influence society. In advising FinTech and RegTech businesses, they design a holistic and detailed strategy.

Multiply: They work dedicatedly towards a sustainable ecosystem, envisioning trust as the foundation for a fairer market tomorrow.

A Strategic Approach to Create Business Value

“In today’s disruptive technology, business and technology providers need to navigate events present with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity”, Lina Lim points out. This is why the team works closely with clients, listening carefully to solve their unique challenges.

“We build trust and foster the relationship with our clients, respecting their value and culture. We believe that it is the trust that changes the world not the technology”, Lina Lim explains. The company strictly adheres to its foundational guidelines named ‘S.H.I.F.T.’, a five-step strategy. First, the company shifts an organization from constraints to new opportunities. Second, they develop a holistic business model that embraces disruptive as well as non-disruptive technologies. Third, they aim to inspire organizations’ and people’s confidence. Fourth, they focus on value innovation, not technological innovation. And fifth, they promote technology as a powerful force of good.

 “When we work with smaller markets in their capital and financial market infrastructure developments, we don’t simply refer to what has been done before in similar projects. We focus on assessing and understanding the specific characteristic culture and values of those regions. We will then design a solution model aiming to deliver economic and business value creation. We will research in-depth key factors such as requirements and regulations, and consider the solution’s overall impact and finally, define the solution”, Lina Lim illustrates.

The company designs the solution, supported by precise knowledge and skill sets. It respects ‘People’, ‘Process’ and ‘Technology Choice’ as it charts out end-to-end holistic objectives. Finally, they aim to realize high quality system interoperability while mitigating risks. Especially for financial products, the company considers security as paramount because a risk-free and secure service will promote data protection, fair access and inclusion, ultimately achieving so much more, for business as well as society. 

Pushing the Boundaries of Financial Inclusivity around the World

“We will continue to focus on promoting wealth distribution and redefining capital markets to accelerate inclusiveness and work for everyone”, Lina Lim shares the future focus. The company wants to push frontiers in emerging markets in Asia-Pacific and in the coming years, expand to newer markets such as Africa, South America and Middle East. To support their vision for financial inclusiveness, the company is developing its digital venture project for Asian women entrepreneurs supported by Malaysia’s Labuan International Business Financial Centre.


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