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Bryan Collins, Ceo, PT PUMA Engineering

PT PUMA Engineering is the leading land and engineering surveying company in Indonesia. The company covers many areas of surveying such as BIM, laser scanning, topographic surveys, setting out, monitoring, road, rivers, soil investigation, measure building surveys, utility, and GPR. The company was formed in 2013 by young experienced trained professionals whose aim was to compete with other related engineering companies.

Bryan Collins, CEO of the company says, “At PUMA ENG, our focus is to get the best people and provide continuous training and career development for them, so that we can deliver superior value to our clients.”

Astounding Services and Solutions

Since 2013, PUMA has completed more than 40 projects in all regions of Indonesia. The company offers a large variety of innovative services and solutions to meet all kinds of survey and site investigation requirements. It provides services to all levels and kinds of agencies, international oil companies, and private industry for over-water developments. The Projects range from ports, harbors, offshore wind, LNG terminals, and platforms, to cable and pipeline landing sites.

Topographic Surveys

The topographic surveys produce a three-dimensional drawing of a particular piece of land or area. The survey includes all-natural and man-made features that are represented by text, lines, and symbols on the drawing. The drawing also includes heights and elevations which are represented by spot levels and contours generated at predetermined intervals.

PUMA ENG uses a combination of high precision GPS, Total Station, and UAV to undertake topographic surveys. Drawings are supplied in any coordinate system and multiple scales depending on the site conditions and client requirements.

Hydrographic Surveys

PUMA performs a Hydrographic survey for proposing marine pipeline route, survey for existing marine pipe, positioning during marine pipe construction work, including positioning barge management system, multi-beam and single-beam bathymetric survey, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, a magnetometer survey, current observation and meteorological.

Puma provides a full scope of the survey and related services around the world, including land surveys, hydrographic surveys, oceanographic surveys, positioning and navigation services, site investigations, cable and pipeline route surveys, QC surveys, and desktop studies. The company also has an automated entire mapping system with AutoCAD, Micro-Station, Terramodel, CARIS, TRITON, and ArcGIS.

UAV Photogrammetry 

PUMA’s Digital Mapping and Survey offers a complete solution in providing high quality, accurate aerial data predominantly in Indonesia. The company also provides consultancy, data analysis or simply providing printed photos and maps. The services and solutions offered by the company are perfect for data acquisition of small to medium-sized land areas in many applications including government or local authorities, engineering and construction projects, environmental monitoring and assessments, agriculture, sports and recreation, real estate, and quarries.

Architectural, Structure & MEP BIM Modeling Services

Today, PUMA stands as a leader in the field of providing the highest quality 3D BIM Architectural modeling services in Indonesia. The company has executed many modeling projects over the last 5 years.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

Every good company wants to provide excellent customer service, but it’s not always easy to balance that with other business needs and goals. At PUMA ENG, the company’s ethos is very much centered on delivering the most versatile, extensive, and price-friendly surveys to both public and private clients across the country. The company focuses on providing continuous training and career development for the staff, to deliver superior value to its clients. It constantly invests in the most up-to-date surveying equipment and technology that benefit the clients from both a risk and cost perspective. It has developed a plan to standardize and document processes, train employees, and implement our integrated management system.

“Surveying isn’t just what we do; our goal is to understand and meet clients’ requirements while ensuring them benefit from the most cost-efficient survey solution to suit your needs,” affirms Collins. He also believes that with client commitment in mind and with a highly skilled and dedicated staff has driven the growth of the company over the past number of years.

Furthermore, PUMA maintains a superior level in quality and control and strives to deliver the most cutting-edge technology to the clients at all times. The company’s continuous investment in this advanced technology and equipment has ensured repeat business from a satisfied client base. ?

Collins says, “We aim to maintain the excellent reputation we’ve worked hard to achieve and at all times, stay ahead of the competition. As one of the most professional, competent, and innovative surveying firms in Indonesia; clients can be assured that the service they receive will be of the highest quality.”

He further concludes, “We pride ourselves on maintaining an efficient Quality Control System and our attention to detail is second to none. For these reasons, PUMA ENG is head and shoulders above its competitors in the market.”


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