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Arthur Azizov, Founder & CEO, B2Broker

In our hi-tech society, one of the best ways to make money successfully is through trading in the stock, foreign exchange (forex) or cryptocurrency market. But the actual process of trading can be quite challenging for common people. From a larger point-of-view, trading brokerage firms orchestrate the entire trading experience from the outside—by providing a smart platform to aspiring traders, thus facilitating the entire process.

But the truth is that even trading service enablers face tough challenges. They need lots of money, a solid understanding of the business, a technically skilled team, specialized staff, legal knowledge and lots of time. Especially for new brokerage firms, there is a severe risk of low return on investment because setting up a new service can be very expensive—easily more than 2 million USD. Furthermore, they become directly accountable to financial risks that their customers face.

In light of the very complex nature of modern trading, especially relating to cryptocurrencies, aspiring traders as well as trading brokerages need a simpler, easier and cheaper approach to trading. In 2014, the founder and CEO of ‘B2Broker’, Arthur Azizov realized this, and he set up the company to help businesses in the trading community overcome their challenges. The company provides various hi-tech, affordable and ready-to-use products for businesses like forex or cryptocurrency brokers, exchanges, hedge funds and asset or wealth managers. They specialize in liquidity solutions for various businesses within the forex and cryptocurrency trading industry.

Thanks to about six years of successful business activities: from 2014, B2Broker has become well-established as one of the key names in international trading as well as FinTech. Thanks to the high quality, affordability and convenience of their various services, the company has become one of the most reliable trading companies within Hong Kong as well as Asia Pacific today.

Guiding Businesses in the Modern Trading Industry towards Success

B2Broker began with just one office, having ten employees, two clients and offering just two trading software. But with each year, the company grew: offering better products, setting up newer offices, recruiting talented professionals and helping an increasing number of clients. In particular, the last two years have been the company’s best years because their popularity and the demand for their services has grown internationally.

The company offers diverse products encompassing multi-asset liquidity services, turnkey software for forex and cryptocurrency brokerages, cryptocurrency processing services, money management services as well as their core products. Let’s explore their core products:

  • Advanced ‘White Label’ Meta Trader 4 and 5: These are some of the industry’s best ready-to-use trading software today. As ‘white label’ products, the company has already taken care of the major responsibilities like licensing, server hosting, setting up a reliable backup system, building an international network of servers and maintenance staff. So, clients can set up a brokerage service very conveniently.
  • B2Trader: This is an innovative matching engine to essentially process trades effectively. It’s an exceptional service, fulfilling about 10,000 trading requests each second, working all the time—all day, all week and all year—in sync with the round-the-clock working style of the cryptocurrency markets. B2Trader is already used by many of the world’s best exchanges, security exchanges, market makers, MTF brokers, spot fx brokers and EMI’s. It’s also supported by some of the latest security measures and a skilled back office team.
  • B2Margin: ‘Margin trading’ within cryptocurrencies is one of the latest emerging trends. The company brings its many opportunities to aspiring brokers through B2Margin—a ‘while label’ margin exchange trading platform. It takes care of diverse functions like on-boarding, risk management, compliance, pricing and analytics. It also supports diverse asset classes including forex, metal, indices, energy, stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • B2Core: This is a ‘trader’s room’ service but for larger business clients. It’s a professional software for brokerages and exchanges to manage their customers, admins and partners all in one place. For instance, it helps forex brokers or crypto exchanges organize their daily work. It can also help employees manage back office work, monitor payment activities and customer-related processes like registration or verification.
  • B2BinPay: B2BinPay was launched this year, a crypto processing solution which allows merchants to start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. B2BinPay has become one of the company’s leading and most successful projects.
  • B2BX: This is a professional digital asset exchange, featuring for the first time in the coinmarketcap.com website.

In sum, B2Broker is a global firm specializing in liquidity and technology services for the modern trading community. Having spent years developing a strong liquidity network, they have become one of the top liquidity providers today. They also have a ‘prime of prime’ capability i.e. they connect brokerages to ‘tier-1’ liquidity opportunities. Further, they enable liquidity solutions for diverse asset categories like precious metals, currency, oil and energy. They essentially empower any kind of business in the trading industry to develop financial confidence and improve overall.

B2Broker’s services are developed by an expert team of developers, ensuring quality, security and ease-of-use for their clients’ major needs. Because they provide comprehensive services, supported by the latest in technology as well as a skilled team, clients can rest assured that they are in the best care.

“In our line of business, trust is of paramount importance. We are part of an industry governed by strict regulations that we must adhere to, and this sets the tone for the way we conduct our business. From the offset, our clients know that they are dealing with a fully legitimate and licensed technology and liquidity provider, having a strong reputation in the industry,” Arthur Azizov, the CEO and founder, states. The company’s relationships with their clients has been built on trust. Thanks to their knowledge, reputation, professionalism and their style of working with clients closely, clients have been happy thus far.

Strengthening B2Broker’s Position as a Global Leader

Today, B2Broker is a prominent name in the international trading industry, with the deepest multi-asset liquidity pool in the industry. Through the years, the company has been growing as well: they now have 351 institutional clients, 165 employees, 18 innovative products, 13 languages, 9 international offices and 5 licenses. Their recent attendance in some of the industry’s events like Consensus and iFX Expo has promoted them internationally. Further, the company has received awards as well: it won the ‘Best Cryptocurrency Solution for Payments’ award by FM Awards 2020 and the ‘Best Forex CRM Service Provider of 2020’ by Global Forex Awards.

In light of the company’s success in the last few years, they want to further expand globally. They want to begin by setting up an office in Dubai to especially serve clients of the Middle East and North Africa. “We want to continuously focus on product development to deliver the very best solutions in the industry. We are also expecting to announce some major updates for our B2Core and B2BinPay products in Q3 2021 as well. We are also always focused on hiring more IT professionals as our company grows,” Arthur Azizov sums it up.


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