New approach to autism through technology


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It is not easy enough to teach children with learning difficulties. When problems fall into the category of pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) such as autism, the task becomes even more complicated than before. For parents with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), these challenges are more painful. Meanwhile, every child with ASD has different treatments and needs. Some live with an intellectual disability while others are very intelligent. Some only have difficulty in decoding social behaviors while others simply do not speak. Others need total control over their environment otherwise they panic. Fortunately, there are certain technologies that directly cope with the stress commonly experienced by ASD children.

Technology is a part of our day to day life, whether it is to make life easier for us, as a business idea or, simply, another entertainment that we turn to. But, beyond all these technologies also play an important role in the field of health and psychology. There is certain technology that helps in improving the day-to-day life of people suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Now, there are many companies and startups that came up with different applications and technology to help autism children. This is where the best side of technology counts.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Children with autism spectrum conditions suffer marked social isolation, follow stereotyped patterns of behavior or have trouble recognizing the emotional states of the people around them. It is a series of symptoms that hinder their adaptation to the environment or communication with other individuals. To remedy this obstacle, a group of therapists has resorted to some applications and technology to help autism children that are extremely beneficial for them to imitate the reactions and respond to them appropriately.

New hope for autism

When parents have identified the special needs of their children, technology innovation has made their parenting easier. Technological innovation can help parents create a safe environment and encourage children to develop. This technology allows ASD children to cope with their environment and help parents in unique parenting, which is usually difficult. 

According to the Family Online Safety Institute, here are 3 technologies to help autism children develop: 

  • Apple iDevice – Some of Apple’s information technology innovations can be used by ASD children, such as the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone. Simple tools like the iPad can help ASD children improve their understanding of stimulation such as listening and reading, communicating by speaking and writing. User-friendly electronic devices can predict commands automatically. This will reduce the stress level of ASD children. iPad and other Apple devices offer applications and learning tools that can help ASD children develop skills to interact with others and express themselves.
  • Location Finder Tool – The main challenge of parents who have ASD children is when children are running around. GPS technology will help parents to care for their children. This simple device can ensure children are not in danger. Parents can set GPS at certain points, either at home or at school. This technology can be accessed on the cell phone of parents or teachers. All activities can be monitored at any time. GPS will also send notifications automatically.
  • Home Security – Devices for the home such as alarms on doors and windows, as well as CCTV cameras, can increase independence in ASD children. This device operates for 24 hours and will provide notifications of small things like doors or windows that are left open. Notifications from this device will make ASD children practice getting used to close the door again. Security device technology for new homes, allows parents to adjust to the specific needs of their children.

How technology helps Autism Children

Technology innovations help ASD children and adults by improving communication skills. There are many applications and features that can help and support individuals with autism at various levels and abilities. An application can be directed to children or adults on a nonverbal basis, while other applications can help develop social cues for ASD who have good communication skills.

Features or applications to manage daily schedules can help ASD children and adults become more independent. The schedule feature will help children complete assignments and to practice caring for themselves in everyday life. For example, the schedule of activities for the evening, the feature will help him manage time and gradually memorize the nighttime routine. Daily activities can be recorded on the schedule, from eating after school, homework, to brushing teeth before going to sleep.

Technology helps autism children to practice decision-making. Children or adults, who have difficulty communicating, can use information technology innovations such as smartphones or tablets to make their “voices” heard when making decisions. For children, decision making is important to develop self-defense skills as they begin to grow up. For example, when going to order food, let them choose what they want to eat by pointing to the desired food picture. Smartphone or tablet also functions as a motivation for children. The use of favorite game applications can be used as a gift for positive behavior such as completing homework.


The advancement of the digital world is expected to also balance the quality of life of the wearer. There have been many innovations made for various difficulties, including children and adults with autism. Information technology innovations are helping autistic children and their parents to care for their children in a better way. Technology helps autism children to develop skills both verbally and nonverbally. With an intense pattern of the parental accompaniment, of course, good development will continue.


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