Ata Plus Welcomes 15% Strategic Acquisition From NASDAQ-listed GreenPro Capital Corp.


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  • This is a strategic move that upholds Ata Plus’ company mission to democratise wealth, boost greater inclusion and encourage equality of opportunities to build sustainable, world-class companies.
  • Ata Plus to leverage on GreenPro’s digital assets, technology, and global presence, all of which essentially aims to drive its vision of becoming an international fundraising platform.
  • Acquisition is undertaken to solidify GreenPro’s services as a multinational conglomerate, further building on the companies’ ability to offer financial infrastructure and expedite public listings in the U.S. for companies who fundraise on Ata Plus’ proven platform.

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 JULY 2020 – Ata Plus, a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) registered with theSecurities Commission Malaysia, today announced that it has entered into a binding agreement todispose 15% equity interest to GreenPro Capital Corp (GreenPro). – a NASDAQ-listed (Nasdaq: GRNQ)multinational conglomerate with a portfolio of businesses. Ata Plus currently operates an EquityCrowdfunding (ECF) Platform that facilitates public fundraising by private companies in exchange fortheir shares. As a registered RMO, Ata Plus may also operate a secondary market for ECF investors totrade their shares to interested buyers, as well as work with licensed Venture Capital and Private EquityManagement Companies to list Microfunds on its platform.

By leveraging on GreenPro’s considerable regional financial assets and global presence, Ata Plus will beable to fast track its focus on becoming – in the short to medium term, a regional fundraising platform,and in the longer term – a global one. The aim is to immediately create a ‘10+1’ market reach potentialcomprising the 10 member states in ASEAN plus China, where GreenPro has access via their HongKong presence. Companies fundraising on the Ata Plus platform will not only have global reach toinvestors at the ECF fundraising stage, but also a complete support infrastructure to expedite publiclistings in the USA.

This strategic acquisition also enables Ata Plus to utilise the digital assets and technology recentlyacquired by GreenPro via their investment in First Bullion Holdings Inc, Philippines. With rapidtechnological changes, a new ecosystem on financial services is fast emerging – one that demands awhole new way of providing financial services unencumbered by legacy systems. Having alreadydisrupted banking and financial services, these digital technologies are now even transforming capitalmarkets.

As for GreenPro, tapping into Ata Plus’ services and cross referral of clients, the strategic stake in AtaPlus is seen as enhancing and strengthening GreenPro’s offerings including company formation, trustand asset protection, family office, financial planning and management, fund management and assetmanagement, and business incubation for SMEs.

Ata Plus & GreenPro – A Progressive Synergy

“The investment by GreenPro is a decisive move not only towards our commitment for financial inclusion, democratisation of wealth and equality of opportunities, but also to fast track our ambition to be a global player. GreenPro’s suite of technological and financial assets will synergise with Ata Plus’ speedy, cost-efficient and easy-to-use fintech solutions, ultimately strengthening our platform’s capabilities to provide the best crowdfunding experience for both our issuers and investors,” said Elain Lockman, Ata Plus’ Co-Founder and Director. “Tapping into GreenPro’s extensive global network will be an immediate boost to our equity crowdfunding platform as our issuers will now have access to greater business opportunities – and a new pool of potential investors, beyond Malaysia,” Elain added.

“The unification with Ata Plus makes tremendous business sense for GreenPro,” said CK Lee, GreenProChief Executive Officer. “Ata Plus’ proven platform for SME fundraising greatly complements GreenPro’sconsiderable regional financial and technological assets. Together, GreenPro and Ata Plus can generatesignificant product, customer and cost synergies. We intend to use the Ata Plus platform to provideprivate high-growth emerging companies – firstly, with frictionless access to a wider pool of globalinvestors, by offering an array of new types of securities made possible with our newly acquiredtechnology and IP; and secondly – with a proven infrastructure for public listing,” Lee added.

GreenPro is issuing 457,312 restricted shares for its 15% equity stake in Ata Plus.

About Ata Plus Sdn Bhd

Ata Plus Sdn Bhd is an Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) online platform, matching businesses seekinggrowth and funding with investors interested in building sustainable world-class companies. As aRegistered Recognised Market Operator (RMO) with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) sinceJune 2015, Ata Plus actively seeks to leverage on technology tools to facilitate and promotetransparency and good governance in investing and fundraising. The platform delivers extensiveservices; from qualifying companies to listing and marketing their ECF Campaigns, to educatinginvestors on ways to evaluate their investment opportunities. Ata Plus essentially aims to:

  • Provide an efficient and innovative channel of fundraising to SMEs and start-up businesses
  • Offer a pool of quality, high potential and legitimate deal flow to the investor community
  • Operate a transparent and professional ECF platform that balances risk management andcompliance through swift processes

About GreenPro Capital Corp

Headquartered in Hong Kong with strategic offices across Asia, GreenPro Capital Corp. (Nasdaq:GRNQ) is a business incubator and multinational conglomerate with a diversified business portfoliocomprising finance, technology, banking, Cryptosx for STOs, health and wellness and fine art. With 30years of experience in various industries, GreenPro has been assisting and supporting businesses andHigh-Net-Worth-Individuals to capitalise and securitise their value on a global scale through the provision of cross-border business solutions, spin-offs on major stock exchanges and accounting outsourcing services to small and medium-size businesses located in Asia. The comprehensive range ofcross-border business services include, but are not limited to, trust and wealth management, listingadvisory services, transaction services, cross-border business solutions, record management services,accounting outsourcing services and tax advisory services. We also operate venture capital businesses,including business development for start-ups and high growth companies, covering finance, technology,

FinTech, and health and wellness.


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