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In this digital era, internet penetration is getting higher and smartphones have become common and easier to own, these led to the changes of the way of purchasing of consumers.

They now can easy access and make their purchasing anywhere and anytime. Along with these changes, retail sector also has moved and transformed their business model from traditional retailing into digital space and developed various e-commerce sites and mobile apps. Digitization has made everything accessible and connected, retailers need to deal with consumers from different part of the world as there’s no geographical boundaries in e-commerce.

Besides that, Customers no longer depend on in-store retail service providers to buy products; they are empowered with choices and have the privilege to order products sitting at homes. Moreover, they are increasingly demanding unified shopping experiences and expecting retailers to fulfill their expectations ideally.

We can attribute the reason behind the change in customers’ behaviors to the transformed retail industry; however, retailers would have not been able to address the changing consumer behaviors without the help of payment solution providers. From enabling retailers to provide omnichannel experience to help them maximize business efficiency, payment solution providers have played a pivotal role in transforming the retail industry.

AsiaPay, a premier e-Payment solution and technology provider is one such company that has not just helped retailers but also organizations across various industries to maximize business efficiency, productivity, and global opportunities. Founded in 2000, the company has become one of the most trustable and leading payment solution providers across the APAC, with over fourteen operative offices in Asia and the workforce over 150.

Unlike the other payment service providers, AsiaPay’s core competency or competitive differentiator doesn’t lie in one or two factors. The company has a host of factors that can be determined as its unique differentiating factors. It includes its having close to 100 bank payment partners to providing an integrated solution over 100 payment methods and many more.

With over eighteen years of experience operating in the payment industry, the company has built a loyal merchant base and has fostered and preserved the client relationships throughout the journey. By enriching client expectations, addressing their business and digital payment needs, and improving their processes, AsiaPay has evolved into becoming the supreme payment service provider in the APAC region.

Although the company is widely recognized for its best-in-class payment solution for retailers, AsiaPay expertise to flawlessly meet the needs of customers from various industries, particularly with its customized service package and its readily integration with most of the prevailing etailing platform checkouts. For instance, the company’s customized payment page allows merchants to customize its own payment page based on their corporate design and branding. It allows merchants to provide its customers with a merchant-branded payment experience while increasing brand recall and product awareness at the point of purchase. Its comprehensive on-us processing on instalment, loyalty points redemption and promotion discount processing enable retailers to enhance its sales in digital channels. Also, the company offers around the clock local technical support in 13 markets in APAC and seeks regular feedback from its diverse client base through its merchant satisfaction surveys.

Over the years, AsiaPay has also built partnership relationships with many other payment providers including WeChatPay, AliPay and LinePay …etc in Asia.  The company works in tandem with card schemes on latest digital payment technologies such as VISA TOKEN SERVICE to expand its payment solution offerings through its PayDollar Payment platform. This, in turn, helps customers to enjoy a consistent and efficient digital payment experiences while protecting consumers’ sensitive information from fraud. Above all, the company has also released Xecure3DS 2.0 to further enhance payment authentication effectiveness and mitigate digital payment risks.

“Identity, security, and trust are fundamental to payments, commerce, and finance, especially in an increasingly digital economy..Along the continued evolution of digital payment in Asia, we continue to invest in R&D and well address the coming digital payment needs of our valued clients” says Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay.

Today, the company brings advanced, secured, integrated, and cost-effective electronic payment processing solutions and services to banks and e-businesses around the world. It includes core-services such as payment processing service (merchants), White- Labeled IPG solutions (banks), ACS processing service (banks), digital wallet and other customization services. Among other payment service providers in the APAC region, the company has the widest payment processing and settlement network of Credit Card Acquirers and Alternative methods of payments across thirteen countries. This enables the company to provide merchants, banks, and even other payment providers the best combination of payment methods based on local infrastructure and client preferences.

Besides, “we are one of the very few players who are capable of providing local quality payment processing and service support to merchants in 13 countries located in Asia. We’ve specifically designed our multi-lingual and multi-currency payment gateway platform to deliver unparalleled customizability, scalability, and reliability,” adds Joseph. Recognized by acquiring banks and card associations worldwide, AsiaPay is one of the few payment providers to be PCI DSS Level 1 certified.

While AsiaPay has a host of differentiating factors to pride itself on, what really differentiates the company from its competitors is its ability to provide custom solution development tailored to its clients’ requirements. “Our customer-driven approach allows us to analyze your business needs thoroughly and empower our experienced IT team to craft a solution that best meets your project’s challenges. Whether it’s customized payment page (CPP), Tokenization/ Visa Token Service (VTS), QR payment, Member Payment system, or local instalment and recurring payments, we’ve got it covered,” tells Joseph.

The company going forward will continue its commitment and dedication to continually support the market and safeguard the payment industry, providing unique services and expanding its footprint across the globe. When asked about the milestones that the company seeks to achieve in the years to come, Joseph says, “We look forward to empowering businesses and financial institutions to keep pace with the technology and market disruption by offering a comprehensive suite of payment solutions across channels, markets, devices, and technologies.” With a lot of things to look forward in the coming years, the future looks bright for the team at AsiaPay.


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