How to use Amazon ads to promote business?


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Amazon has become the leading store in the world. Practically, it sells everything and allows other stores and entrepreneurs to integrate into its marketplace, selling through its platform.

In addition to this, it also allows you to advertise your brands with Amazon ads advertising services and take advantage of its enormous power and reach. Therefore, this alternative is very interesting for those entrepreneurs who sell physical products online.

Here, in this article, we have explained what it is to advertise on Amazon ads, so as not to end up hidden among many other sellers or reach a new audience. 

Of course, as always happens, Amazon Advertising is a very interesting solution, but if we do not supply or do not just understand it, we will always have the option to delegate to an agency specializing in Amazon

What is Amazon Ads?

Similar to the ads you put on Google or Facebook, Amazon Advertising is the pay-per-click ad service of the largest store in the world.

Amazon Ads will allow you to:

  • Place ads within the Amazon page: with which you will stand out in front of an audience that has an important purchase intention. 
  • Use its Amazon DSP platform: which allows you to place ads in the Amazon store or applications, in addition to other websites.

Features available in Amazon Ads

  • Sponsored ads on Amazon – These allow you to appear in prominent places on the Amazon website when the user searches for something or is looking at a specific product. It has several locations such as at the top of search results or in a prominent place of similar products.
  • Store creation on Amazon – If you sell several products of various brands, you can create a store on Amazon. In this way, you have your own “store” within Amazon where you can display in an organized way the offer of all the products you sell in your market place.
  • Display Ads – These are the banner ads of a lifetime. With different sizes and locations, you can also make those ads videos. Something interesting about these Amazon Ads display ads is that they can appear in the store, but also on other websites. With the possibilities of segmentation and sites offered these ads appear on pages or follow the user through the network, to remind him of his intention to purchase.

The targeting possibilities of Amazon Ads

One of the main values of Amazon Ads is the enormous information they collect and manage users and purchase intentions. That allows access to very interesting metrics, with advanced indicators, beyond the classics of this type of campaign. In addition to that, the huge big data that Amazon manages allows you to segment the ads very precisely, by improving efficiency and results.

Similar to Facebook and Google ads, there are keywords, bids, etc. Therefore, those entrepreneurs who sell physical products and feel at home with pay-per-click marketing strategies should check out Amazon Ads if they have not tried it yet.


If you want to stand out in the crowd, selling on Amazon will increase your visibility and will work as an impactful marketing strategy for the e-commerce industry. Today, most of the customers are leaning towards online shopping, and Amazon ads are playing a huge role in promoting online sales.


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