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Daisy Ha, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Aimpact Capital

Daisy Ha always dreamed of working for herself by starting an entrepreneurial venture. Born in China, raised in Hong Kong, and studied in Australia, Daisy currently resides in Singapore. She says, “I am an international-minded individual with a deeply-rooted Chinese heritage; I have a robust global network as a corporate finance advisor and seasoned investor.” After working for over 10 years in corporate finance for international companies and banks in both Hong Kong and Singapore, she noticed the opportunity of demands from Chinese-related businesses. She realized that businesses including private and small-cap listed companies in China wanted to expand their business in other markets and foreign companies wanted to tap their businesses in China including Hong Kong markets. Normally, these business owners don’t have enough resources or capacity to grow their business on their own. With a shared vision, along with Mr. Kelvin Chan, Daisy co-founded Aimpact group and later Aimpact Capital with Kelvin in Hong Kong and Singapore to bridge the gap for business owners in China and the rest of Asia and vice versa. 

Since its inception in 2018, due to the prolonged political crisis in Hong Kong and followed by the global pandemic, it wasn’t such a good start for the company. Despite the challenges they faced in the initial years, the company managed to grow its professional team from 4 to over 10 with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Additionally, the company has also signed a strategic partnership with corporate services providers in the countries Australia, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, and the Philippines.

In early 2020, Aimpact Capital registered as a corporate finance advisor with an exempt provision with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). With this regime, the company allows advising accredited investors and corporates on corporate finance activities in Singapore.

The Spectrum of Aimpact Capital Services

Aimpact Capital mainly helps companies expand their business overseas via merger & acquisition and/or form a joint venture with local partners and vice versa for overseas companies to navigate in China including Hong Kong, and eventually provide advice on capital market strategies. The services include but are not limited to deal structuring, budgeting, capital raising, due diligence, business & asset valuation, and financial PR activities.

Corporate advisory services: The Company provides independent financial advice on corporate structure, business and M&A strategies, capital budgeting, due diligence, and capital raising.

Valuation advisory: It serves enterprises ranging from listed companies to pre-IPO candidates to SMEs to venture companies with services on 

  • Valuation of business enterprise & intangible assets.
  • Valuation of tangible assets such as real estate, plants, and equipment.
  • Valuation of financial derivatives.

Financial PR: Aimpact Capital assists clients with a series of corporate events to develop an effective communication channel with the market and establish a solid corporate image, ensuring accurate delivery of information and message to the target audience. The services include equity story, comprehensive PR plan & timetable, non-deal roadshow, research report & media news monitoring, conference, and interview with investors.

Since its establishment, the company has served over 4,000 cases covering over 300 listed and private companies across Asia. Daisy shares, “We understand building and maintaining strong client relationships as well as professional parties in the financial industry is important for sustainable business growth. It’s common for business owners to focus their resources on gaining new business, however, we do not rely on gaining new clients to get new projects, we are continuing to work with existing clients can keep our project pipeline full and lead to referrals to other clients.”

Future Ahead

Aimpact Capital not only composes a group of financial professionals but also entrepreneurs. The company believes in ‘Gravity of Value’ that a team with an entrepreneurial mindset and skillsets can serve clients and business partners. The company’s unique selling point is ‘Think Global, Be Local’. “Our group of professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset that possesses a “Hong Kong and China-oriented” identity, we think global for our customers but we run the team like a family with robust local on the ground of knowledge,” states Daisy.

With the mindset of a ‘Hong Kong China-oriented’ entity, the company’s goal is to become a global diversified financial services company. Registered with the MAS, the company is partnering with leading investment banks, private banks, family offices, security brokers and funds to provide clients with customized and comprehensive suits of corporate finance on public listing advisory, arrangement services, and investment governance across Asia.


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