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We are living in a time where the literacy rate is at its highest in history. But the sad truth is that the current education system,

To a large extent, has failed to produce students with the required skills and mindset to succeed in the workplace. The Collegiate Learning Assessment found that 40% of college seniors failed to graduate with the complex skills needed in the workplace.

Today’s fast pace of change and the vast volume of information call for a different approach to education. Multiple master degrees without the ability to constantly update and adapt to the current environment becomes irrelevant. Memorization more without the ability to think critically and solve problem quickly becomes impractical. This is the reason why Tony Wagner urges teaching the seven survival skills to prepare students for a successful career and citizenship.  He says, “Where in the 20th century, rigor meant mastering more—and more complex—academic content, 21st century rigor is about creating new knowledge and applying what you know to new problems and situations.”

The rise of STEAM education came with the realization that the education system needs to be updated to make it relevant for the progressive world. It needs to be more holistic so that young graduates can better contribute to society. The youths of today should be well equipped with the right skills and mindset required in the current work environment. And that is at the heart of Actura. Rooted in the idea of Wagner, the company offers STEAM related programs and solutions to prepare students for the future.

Currently, many jobs are being replaced by automation and AI. There is no sign of slowing down. A report by PwC has found that 38% of US jobs will be replaced by robots and AI by 2030. The remaining jobs for humans will involve high critical thinking, adaptability, aesthetic, problem solving, and creating new and unique products. That is the reason why STEAM education has become so crucial for young people. It is estimated that 75% of future professions will require a STEAM-related skill set. Charles Chung, CEO of Actura, rightfully points out, “With this fast pace of changes, students of today who acquire STEAM-related skills will become competent job seekers.”

With a mission to empower youth to master the critical STEAM related skill sets, the company is preparing young students for a successful future.  Started in 2014, Actura has quickly established itself as one of the leading providers of in-class and out-of-class STEAM learning solutions. With headquarter in Sydney, and offices in Melbourne, Auckland, and Taipei, the company continues to look for further expansion to achieve its mission on a global scale.

Best In-class and Out-of-Class Learning Experience

The company used innovative robotics learning content or curriculum to instill the foundation of STEAM-related skills. The Robotic learning of the company consists of five pivotal areas: construct, control, interact, kinetic energy and artificial intelligence. Build on the foundation of the Seven Survival Skills, Acura’s FlipRobot is a learning framework that provides the ultimate robotic STEAM learning solution for the in-class environment which is scalable for mass implementation. Charles Chung explains, “FlipRobot facilitates school so that educators can adopt the STEAM learning with ease. It starts with the CASE FlipRobot curriculum, spanning from K to 12.” The company continues to enhance its solutions and support systems to educators by leveraging chatbot, AI and IoT.  Actura’s OneWorld Robotic Competition also encourages and helps students to enhance and nurture their skills in innovation and robotics.

For out-of-class solution, the CASE Space School International Study program offers once in a life-time, best STEAM experience at one of the most inspiring organizations, NASA. Charles Chung says, “We are proud to be the exclusive global partner of CASE to market and promote the CASE international study programs and CASE robotic curriculum around the world.” Increasing schools are partnering with the company for STEAM education.

With an average 90% satisfaction of students attending the company’s programs, Actura has been very successful in Australia and New Zealand. In the past 5 years, more than 3000 students have participated in the space school expeditions. With a high recommendation by students and schools who already associated with the company, Acura hopes to reach over 10,000 students annually for expeditions and sell over 1 million sets of FlipRobot per year globally.

Actura is empowering the younger generation to take their learning to the next level: the one that is more relevant, more meaningful, more explorative, more artistic, and solve more problems of the world. It is facilitating schools and educators to impart students with the knowledge and skills needed for a good life.


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