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Whether it’s the startup era or the automation era, some decades-old companies keep growing by serving its customers and adding value to their particular industries.

Industry analysts may argue that it’s because of their brand names—they have built over decades and others may say that it’s their marketing strategies that help them sustain their businesses in the long run. The reality is, however, different from what people state or assume.

If you observe the companies that have been running businesses for decades, you can easily recognize the factors that have helped them achieve this continued success: it’s neither the brand name nor the market strategies; it’s the resilience and willingness to adapt and embrace the changes that make them successful in the industry. In addition, these companies continue to reinvent themselves multiple times, adopt new technologies to simplify the processes, and constantly strive to exceed the expectations of consumers.

Acme Manufacturing, a metal finishing service provider, is one such company that has been at the forefront of designing and building special metal finishing machines for the past 108 years. Owned by the Carlson family for over four generations, the company specializes in developing innovative, cost-effective systems and solutions for buffing, polishing, grinding, and deburring to meet customers’ complex finishing needs. With effective and quality-driven services, the company has made its presence in over ten countries and will be opening a new location in Seletar Aerospace in Singapore 2019.

Acme Manufacturing has had a steady growth throughout its journey. And the reason behind this steady growth is the company’s ability to leverage new technologies to fulfill the ever-changing manufacturing challenges. For instance, the company has been utilizing robotics simulation as well as VR Software for several years—even before the manufacturing industry started adopting these technologies.

Putting Customers First

Designed to meet customers’ specific finishing needs, the company’s automation systems address the needs of customers from over twenty industries. Though a significant area of expertise focuses on the aviation business, the company’s robotic finishing systems have proven to be effective in meeting the complex finishing needs of customers from various industries. This expertise coupled with decades of experience makes Acme Manufacturing the most preferred metal finishing service provider across industries.

As far as the aviation industry is concerned, Acme Manufacturing’s automation finishing systems are viewed as the best in the industry as it can adaptively grind, deburr, and polish critical jet engine components such as blades, vanes, blisks, and engine gases. Also, Acme’s robotic systems produce high quality and consistent surface finishes to meeting dimensional and demanding aerospace tolerances.

Besides, the company provides customized turn-key solutions for customers based on specific part requirements of consumers. To meet customers specific part requirements,  the team at Acme Manufacturing works in tandem with the users engineering team to define the best process to achieve the desired metal finish results and provides feasibility studies, actual demonstrations, and simulations to validate the process and results.  “During machine acceptance at Acme, we provide customers with hands-on training on how to properly navigate and operate the system. Additional training is provided on site after installation. Meeting and exceeding customers’ needs while providing excellent quality service has always been the mission of Acme Manufacturing,” says Glen Carlson III (Fritz), President  & CEO, Acme Manufacturing.

Leading Teams from the front

Under the leadership of Glen Carlson III ( Fritz), the company has been growing very quickly creating new opportunities, developing new technologies, and exceeding the expectations of consumers continually. With his passion for business and commitment for business growth, he sets Acme’s tactical direction and empowers his employees to follow through. Also, he constantly encourages his employees and makes sure that each employee is in the right role to find success on both a personal and professional level. This culture has not only helped Acme Manufacturing retain his employees but has also helped them built a loyal customer base across the globe.

Expanding Foothold in ASEAN Countries

To help Singapore manufacturers keep pace with rapid manufacturing expansion taking place, the company will officially be opening its doors in 2019 in the Seletar aerospace park in Singapore. Acme Manufacturing has already been very active in the Singapore market; however, this official expansion will offer the manufacturers the ability to perform R & D and training on site. “The main focus of Acme in Singapore will be to develop robotic polishing and grinding technology automation for maintenance repair and overhaul services (MRO). With the complexity of aerospace metal finishing, our customers will now be able to communicate quickly and effectively on changes and modifications to any robotic process in a hands-on environment,” explains Glen Carlson III ( Fritz).

The company going forward intends to continue its journey by providing state-of-the-art cost saving turnkey solutions for all its customers across the globe. Also, “we will keep optimizing new technologies to meet its customer and industry requirements as well as to evolve with the changing markets,” concludes Glen Carlson III( Fritz). 


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