TELKOMCEL: Robust Telecommunication Service for the Fast Business World


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By leveraging innovative technologies, the business world has seen a massive improvement in terms of accuracy in analytics, speed and efficiency in operations and convenience and satisfaction in customer experience. Telecommunication has played a key role in this. Teamwork and effective collaboration among employees and with customers from anywhere is possible because of this technology. Mobile telecommunication has enabled companies to provide a new level of productivity and capabilities. With the realization that advanced communication systems will become increasingly relevant in the future, TELKOMCEL, a company based in Timor-Leste, decided to enter the market in 2012. It has quickly evolved to become a top telecommunication services provider enabling seamless operation in all aspects of a business.

TELKOMCEL is a brand of mobile telecommunication service operating in Timor-Leste with best quality and competitive price.  It is a subsidiary company of Telkom Group, the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia. The company is present in 13 municipalities represented by 15 plazas with network coverage in all around Timor-Leste. Having professional telecommunication capabilities and experience, it is focused to be among the top 10 market capitalization telecommunication in Asia-Pacific.

Constantly Evolving to be at the Top of the Game

We are in the era of a fast pace and quickly evolving business environment. To stay relevant in the market, businesses have to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations. As this progress continues, customers also expect a higher standard of service. For that, TELKOMCEL makes it a priority to always update itself and keep up with the best-practice methods and latest technologies in telecommunication. Recently, TELKOMCEL deployed 4G LTE with the latest broadband technology version in Dili and it is currently working on expanding it to other 12 municipalities. Mr. Yogi Rizkian Bahar, CEO of the company says, “Being in the digital era, TELKOMCEL transform from mobile network company to digital solution company. We are not limited by the legacy products (such as voice and SMS), but we create digital innovation and solution to support and fulfill the market needs.”

Competitive Offerings for Diverse Clients

As a top mobile network operator, the company offers diverse packages for different clients depending on their needs and desire. The company’s clients include retail subscribers, enterprise and wholesale customers who benefit from the best qualities and affordable price offerings.

In retail, the company offers prepaid and postpaid hybrid service that provides convenience and freedom to communicate in the form of voice service, data internet service, SMS, and other value-added services. TELKOMCEL serves its enterprise customers with digital enterprise solution product and innovation. This includes corporate mobile solutions (postpaid, hybrid, GPS tracking), corporate data solution (dedicated internet access-DIA), and other business solution (transponder, BGAN, e-library, etc.). For wholesale customers, TELKOMCEL becomes a hubber for the other operators.

Delivering New Digital Solutions

In today’s high competition market environment, businesses need good network availability and digital solutions with reasonable cost to accelerate their business. With a vision to be the King of Digital solutions in Timor-Leste, TELKOMCEL answers this need by offering innovative digital networking solutions at cost comparatively lower than its peers. Mr.Bahar says, “We pro-actively check the market to offer a better digital solution.”

The company’s recent digital solution product is e-library. In partnership with Universidade Nacional Timor-Leste (UNTL), the state university of Timor-Leste, under brand name E-Biblioteca has launched in November 2018. E-Biblioteca answers the budget issues of UNTL in providing the latest books and limitation in the conventional library. The innovation has been highly appreciated by the government and students.

The other digital solution is live streaming mostly for government event. Also, the company is venturing into fintech business. “Our fintech product will be a solution and support to Timor-Leste to reach financial inclusion,” says Mr. Bahar.

Fostering GREAT Culture

The word GREAT summarize the culture at TELKOMCEL. By upholding a clear set of values, the company is driven to be a trusted global service provider. Mr. Bahar says, “Implementing GREAT culture in delivering service to the customer means our sales team is not just sales people but leveling to be trusted advisors.”

G – Preferred in the GLOBAL business community by establishing and maintaining sustainable long-term partnerships

R– Being trusted and RELIABLE advisor by anticipating customer needs and creating an outstanding customer experience

E – Deliver EXCELLENT digital products that exceed global standards and best practice

A – AGILE with various changes by always seeking challenges, thinking differently and confidently, and taking initiative to change

T–Work and lead collaboratively with the TEAM to achieve common goals

With the focus to be the King of Digital in Timor-Leste, the company is becoming the preferred telecommunication and digital solution company in Timor-Leste delivering the latest innovation and technology with global standard. TELKOMCEL is constructing GREAT digital work-life ecosystem for its employee as well as for talented job seekers in Timor-Leste.


We are not limited by the legacy products, but we create digital innovation and solution to support and fulfill the market needs.

Implementing GREAT culture in delivering service to the customer means our sales team is not just sales people but leveling to be trusted advisors.


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