Senoko Energy: the Innovator of Singapore’s Energy Sector


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Bernard, CEO, Senoko Energy

Lasting in an industry for over decades is not a small feat. Many organizations embark on their journey with the intent of creating a lasting legacy. But only a few manage to do that. Senoko Energy, an energy service provider in Singapore, has created a legacy by powering the nation reliably and sustainably for over twenty years. With loyal customers and happy employees who want to get to work every day to serve the vision of the company, Senoko Energy is living the dream of other companies. 

Incorporated in 1977, Senoko, Energy has been providing energy for life to generations of Singaporeans delivering safe, innovative, and effective power solutions. Famed as the largest and most efficient power generation company in Singapore, Senoko Energy has a licensed capacity of 2,807 megawatts, providing about 20 percent of the nation’s electricity needs.

With three subsidiaries and loyal customers for over four decades, Senoko Energy has become a name that is synonymous with the Energy industry. The company’s three subsidiaries include Senoko Energy Supply Pte Led, a leading retailer of electricity and related services, Senoko Services Pte Led ( SSPL

 ), a provider of fuel storage tank leasing and terminal services; and Senoko Gas Supply Pte Led( SGS)a gas operation company.

While the vision of the company is to be recognized as Singapore’s leading provider of innovative energy solutions, the mission is to be the best by providing smart energy solutions that make a difference. Bernard Esselinckx, President and CEO of Senoko Energy says, “ we always strived to be known as the leading provider of innovative energy solutions, preferred by customers, chosen by employees, supported by partners, and respected by stakeholders and the community.” 

The company’s wide range of solutions includes Smart Energy Management, Sustainable Energy and Energy Partnerships. All these solutions are designed to keep customers unique requirements in mind and that the customer-centric nature of the company has been the reason for its massive success in the industry.

The company is built on four core values and that define the Senoko Energy: Safety, Team Work, Integrity, Customer focus, commitment and Care, and continual improvement. With over forty years of experience in the industry, the company has been powering businesses both large and small. The company has an established track record and diverse portfolio in natural gas, electricity supply, advanced energy solutions and more, making it a vital partner in the energy and utilities value chain. “Our in-depth understanding of the commercial energy and electricity industry and intelligent monitoring of market prices allows us to help our clients informed energy business decisions,” states Esselinckx.

Whether you are running small businesses or large commercial enterprise, Senoko Energy can meet customers’ unique requirements. Although there are many service providers in the industry, Senoko Energy’s flexible and clear pricing, innovative solutions, and dedicated customer services are what sets them apart from the rest in the industry.

Going forward, “we have only one goal in our mind: Achieve our vision of becoming the best innovative solution provider in the industry,” concludes Esselinckx.


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