Travel and hospitality marketing trends in 2021


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It is certainly not a novelty to say that 2020 has been a tough year for the tourism and hospitality sector. For this reason, this year, you must be very clear about what the new tourism marketing trends should be if you want to survive the disaster that this pandemic has left in the world. If it is true that vaccines are a ray of hope, but you cannot wait for the virus to be 100% exterminated, letting your businesses continue to have increasingly large economic losses.

Thus, for this reason, we are presenting some trends to keep in mind for your marketing strategy in the tourism sector for 2021.

SEO, your best ally

Undoubtedly, consumption and user behavior have changed in this pandemic. Now, customers are not only looking on the internet to buy their best trips, hotel, or restaurant reservations, but they are looking for information, comparisons, and reviews about the companies. For this reason, web positioning is essential for your business and is the fundamental piece so that your potential clients can find you above your competition.

Big competitors such as Booking or Tripadvisor will continue to invest more than any other company in Google Ads, but users are already beginning to understand the internet and know how to differentiate an ad from an organic result, for that purpose, it is more significant than before having an optimized and well-positioned website so that you can appear in the first positions in the search engines.

The most common SEO factors will continue to be the most relevant, the popularity, the authority of your page, the usability, and the content will be the key pieces to be in the first positions, so without a well-implemented SEO strategy, your possibilities will not be the same. Another of the SEO factors that will make a difference as a tourist marketing trend in 2021 will be local positioning (Local SEO) and having your business listing well optimized in Google My Business since users will look for the opinions of other clients to assess whether or not they should book a trip, dinner or activity with your company.

Promote in social networks 

90% of the population is isolated in their homes, complying with health regulations for Covid-19, and using their smartphone. How to get their attention? The answer is through social media! Remember that to sell, you must communicate and show yourself and that through social networks, you can reach many potential customers. One of the best social networks to work in the tourism industry is Instagram. Besides, being one of the most used social media platforms, it offers a wide possibility to show images and videos of excellent quality.

Video Marketing 

Video Marketing is a Digital Marketing strategy, made through videos to retain the attention of users and then turn them into customers. But for this to happen, each Video Marketing must have its objectives well defined (related to the most appropriate content for each stage of your company’s sales funnel), the channels where it will be published, and also the KPIs or indicators- performance key to measure campaign performance.

Voice Searches 

It is important to answer users’ questions when they speak to virtual assistants using their voice. In this sense, you should optimize your content for voice searches, using a natural, clear, and objective language that mimics conversation and long-tail keywords (those that match an expression). This is because voice searches are usually associated with accurate information in a questioning tone, for example: “Which hotel is closest to me?” or “what is the best travel agency?”

Provide security and trust 

Another of the most crucial points today that must be taken into account in the marketing strategy in 2021 is the security and trust that a client can place in your brand. Undoubtedly, some aspects have changed in our day to day life, and therefore, you must be able to guarantee your clients the greatest security in your facilities. It’s not enough to know that you are guaranteeing it you have to show your clients that you do it. For instance, be clear in your communication that you are offering the highest security within your reach for all your clients. When a potential client seeks information about your brand or product, they know that all the necessary security protocols are always being followed. 

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and customers are looking for a relationship with the brand, therefore, they seek trust.


With these digital marketing trends for 2021, tourism businesses will be able to improve their sales, increase positioning and recover their value in the national and international market.


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