How One Man’s Vision Turned into a Fintech Revolution: The Story of Vincent Turner and UNO


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Australia’s fintech industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector that values innovation and technological advancement. From digital banking solutions to innovative payment platforms, the Australian fintech landscape is reshaping the future of financial services. Uno Home Loans’ founder and chief innovation officer, Vincent Turner, is a well-known figure in this landscape. His extensive background in technology and finance positions him as the driving force behind several successful ventures, demonstrating a keen sense of innovation and disruption. His involvement in fintech began well before the term was coined, demonstrating his foresight and adaptability in an industry that thrives on change. Under his leadership, Uno Home Loans has transformed the Australian mortgage industry, pioneering online mortgage brokerage with a focus on design-driven innovation. With over two decades of experience, Turner is still shaping the future of finance, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs with his passion and vision.

The Genesis of a Visionary Entrepreneur

Vincent Turner’s entrepreneurial journey began with Pisces, a messaging company that eventually evolved into a mortgage software provider for Australian banks. Despite early success, he recognized the need for a paradigm shift, which led to the establishment of Planwise following the 2007/2008 global financial crisis. Planwise reflected his forward-thinking approach, which aimed to help people make better financial decisions in the face of economic uncertainty. This strategic pivot demonstrated Turner’s resilience and adaptability, laying the groundwork for his continued success in the fintech industry. His foray into Silicon Valley with Planwise marked a watershed moment in his career, as he navigated the competitive landscape and used his expertise to establish Planwise as a frontrunner in fintech innovation, earning him a spot on the Forbes 50 list. 

Uno Home Loans: Redefining Mortgage Brokerage

Vincent Turner founded Uno Home Loans to change the way people get home loans. They created a website where people can easily view all of the different home loan options from various banks. This made it easier for people to understand and select the best option for themselves. The company has made it possible for anyone to obtain a home loan, making the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone. Vincent Turner collaborated with Westpac to make it even better. This allowed the company to expand and become one of the best places to get a home loan online.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation at Uno

At UNO, Vincent Turner has built a culture around values such as ambition, teamwork, and creative thinking. This culture encourages experimentation and collaboration, which allows it to continue innovating. His emphasis on these values motivates employees to question conventions, set lofty goals, and constantly seek ways to improve. The team embraces an innovative, excellence-driven culture to stay ahead of the industry’s technological advances.

Turner’s leadership also emphasizes adaptability and resilience, which are critical in a rapidly changing industry. Uno’s team is committed to excellence, driving transformative changes that reshape mortgage lending. His proactive approach to change promotes agility and innovation at the company, allowing the company to respond quickly to market changes and customer demands. The company has embraced change for growth and progress, ensuring long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

Future Prospects and Innovations

Uno’s future strategy focuses on improving customer experiences through automation and process optimization. Vincent Turner envisions a future in which the company provides seamless, frictionless mortgage solutions, giving consumers unprecedented convenience and choice. With a customer-centric approach at its core, Uno intends to use technology to automate key processes and personalize interactions, ensuring that each customer receives tailored solutions that address their specific needs. Putting the customer first and setting new standards for excellence and customer-centricity is its strategy for shaping the future of the mortgage industry.

His vision goes beyond the company and includes broader industry shifts toward consumer empowerment and technological innovation. Turner continues to lead innovation and evolution, shaping the future of fintech in Australia and beyond. His strategic insights and forward-thinking approach propel Uno to success and influence industry trends, inspiring other fintech firms to prioritize customer-centricity and embrace digital transformation. Turner’s role in shaping the industry landscape demonstrates his dedication to driving positive change and revolutionizing financial services delivery, ultimately benefiting consumers and advancing the fintech ecosystem.


After being an entrepreneur for 20 years, I’m currently focused on the innovation part of what we do.

In Silicon Valley, there’s a lot of capital for early-stage ventures or models that don’t work yet, but those models tend to look a certain way.


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