The Future of Interactive Ad Space


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Given the ever-evolving and exponential growth of the digital media landscape, print media and advertisements are in need of a major upgrade. While people continue to consume more and more information via mobile and web devices, the presence and influence of print advertisements both in magazines and those in plain sight, is still apparent. The ability to integrate interactive technology to modernize the traditional print ad is quickly reshaping the way consumers, brands, and retailers view the medium.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI),facial recognition, and augmented reality (AR)technologies individuals will be able to take a photo of a print advertisement featuring a specific beauty look and instantly experience the style through virtual try-on, then shop the products needed to recreate the look directly from their mobile device. This forward-thinking interactive solution, gives print media new life taking the striking visuals on the page and translating them into an instant virtual experience that can directly convert to sales. Trailblazing beauty tech brands like YouCam Makeup are leading the charge in bringing this pilot experience to life.

While the implementation of this type of interactive ad space will help brands and retailers optimize advertisements anywhere they may appear (in magazines, on billboard ads, and placements throughout the store), it will also be optimized by media companies to deliver a highly engaged reader experience that, both literally and figuratively, jumps off the page. The ability to bring the show-stopping photography of in-book beauty features to life for beauty fans to experience first-hand creates an entirely new reader experience. It also lends itself to a monetization opportunity for both media outlets and brands, linking direct commerce to the virtual try-on experience with instant product purchase to recreate the look in real life.

This new collaborative ad space is key to revitalizing print media by creating a seamless customer journey that takes a reader from beauty discovery to virtual try-on and instant purchase all from their mobile device. As AR and AI technologies continue to advance, customers can become increasingly more confident in using virtual try-ons to make purchase decisions.

By instantaneously experiencing a beauty look seen in a print ad or magazine article, beauty lovers are connecting with content, ads, and brands in a unique way unlike anything they have experienced before. This new age print media experience will continue to reshape the way brands and retailers connect with their customers and the way beauty lovers consume and respond to advertisements. Ads that may have typically been glossed over, now have an instant allure that make people stop and crave that unique and personalized interaction.

The evolution of this type of look transfer technology is thanks in large part to machine learning and unprecedented facial recognition capabilities. This type of look recognition and coding requires the highest level of artificial intelligence engineering that takes into account lighting, camera quality, and color-matching detection to ensure the look from the print ad accurately translates into a virtual beauty experience. As the machine learning continues to archive human behavior, we can account for the inaccuracies that may result from someone snapping a picture and counteract human error.

The benefit of this type of AI advancement is undisputed. Not only will this interactive print media experience give advertisements and in-book editorial content new life, but it also shifts the consumer response from that of distraction, to disruption. A print ad will soon spark an instant curiosity that lends itself to a personal experience for those who come in contact with it. This also allows brands, retailers, marketers, and media outlets to rethink and create an entirely unique interactive experience that brings their vision and products to life in a whole new way.


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